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Community Highlights – September 2020

Oct 7, 2020
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents (alphabetical)

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations


  • Finished implementing CI/CD pipeline - the staging and the production environments are controlled by CI/CD.
  • Added new edge monitoring setup with RaspberryPi and Sercomm CBRS dongle.
  • Released aether-in-a-box under the member-only license.
  • Integrated ThingsBoard IoT platform into Aether edge to support IoT service.
  • Integrated Baicells eNB devices within Aether edge.
  • Changed Aether Edge on Laptop to Aether@Home and started to install a reference setup.
  • Set up the container based free5GC. Tried the GUI, then modified the testing setup of the RAN and UE emulator to test container based 5Gcore.
  • SPGW now takes REST based APIs to update the running configuration.

Ambassador Program

  • The LATAM ambassador team is actively promoting their upcoming webinars October 22nd and 23rd and will be delivering one session in Spanish and one in Portuguese. These will be an introduction to ONF and ONF projects.


  • Upgraded the tmsi pool size from 10k to 50k, improved the mTmsi_cb_id_map from tree storage structure to hash table for fast searching, and improved the random number generator function. This PR is under review. 
  • Improved MME robustness to handle errors on s11/s6a/s1ap interface.

Developer Relations


  • Souvik Das (UT Dallas) introduced support for ARP_TPA, ARP_THA Set Field Instructions.
  • Souvik Das (UT Dallas) introduced an option to inherit Treatment Builder from PacketContext in ReactiveForwarding.



  • Antonin Bas (VMWare) registered a new default port for the P4Runtime gRPC service, tcp/9559, with IANA.
  • P4 API Working Group
    • Resumed bi-weekly meetings on Fridays
    • A request to IANA was assigned to assign a TCP port for the P4Runtime gRPC service - the request was approved and port 9559 was assigned
  • Several community members in the P4 Architecture Working Group have made significant progress towards an open source implementation of the Portable Switch Architecture (PSA) in p4c and bmv2.


  • VOLTHA 2.5 was released. Thanks to the whole VOLTHA/SEBA community. Noteworthy inclusions:
    • BBSim support for Turk Telecom workflow used for development and scale testing (thanks to Netsia and ONF).
    • Logging collection through an EFK (ElasticSearch, Fluentd, Kibada) stack and correlation through Jaeger (thanks to Infosys).
    • Code security and OMCC channel encryption (thanks to Radisys).
    • ONOS improvements (thanks to ONF) 
      • Meter store;
      • Trap flows in the apps;
      • Helm chart liveness and readiness probes and openflow port exposure.
    • BAL including the downstream bandwidth limiting bugfix (thanks to Edgecore, Broadcom, ONF).
    • Testing (thanks to Infosys, ONF)
      • New tests (OLT Enable/Disable, ONOS HA);
      • Soak testing;
      • Load measurement.
  • OpenOnu Go implemented support for DT and ATT workflows and container restart. Thanks to Adtran, in particular Holger Hildebrandt, Michael Pagenkopf, Torsten Thieme, and ONF’s Matteo Scandolo and Andrea Campanella.
  • Device management interface release. Thanks to Radisys, in particular Amit Gosh, Michael Pagenkopf, Torsten Thieme, and ONF’s Matteo Scandolo and Andrea Campanella.


  • Max Pudelko and Yi Tseng (ONF) contributed the first version of Stratum on Intel’s BfRt API, which adds additional features and improves performance on Barefoot Tofino.
  • Brian O’Connor, Max Pudelko, and Yi Tseng (ONF) published the Stratum 2020-09-30 release.
  • Andrew Sapronov (Netberg) added support for three new switches: Netberg Aurora 610, 710, and 750.
  • Hung-Wei Chiu (ONF) released a new OpenNetworkLinux image (1.3.1), which adds support for Calico CNI
  • Stratum helm chart updates
    • Charles Chan (ONF) introduced extra Stratum parameters in helm values;
    • Hung-Wei Chiu (ONF) completed jobs that automatically published helm charts to https://charts.stratumproject.org/.


  • Released trellis-control (3.0.0) and trellis-t3 (3.0.0)
    •  Java artifacts are available via Maven Central Repository.
  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF)
    • Improved the  job that automatically publishes the TOST image;
    • Implemented a job that automates the release process of TOST, trellis-control and trellis-t3.
  • Charles Chan (ONF)
    • Completed missing fabric-tna PTF tests and fixed TTL issue;
    • Verified TOST on a 2x2 leaf spine topology.
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