Nabil Damouny – Senior Director of Business Development, Netronome

nabil_damounyNabil G. Damouny has over 25 years of Silicon Valley marketing and engineering experience in Communications and Networking, in semiconductor and system companies. He is currently the Sr. Director of strategic marketing and new business development at Netronome, where he has been since March 2008.

Nabil was a founder and the vice president of marketing and business development at Basis Communications, where he originated and positioned the company to be a leader in the new “Service-Specific Network Processor” market segment, leading to its successful acquisition by Intel Corp. Spending five years at Intel, Nabil was most recently a member of the CTO office in the Intel Mobility Group, responsible for driving Intel VoIP strategy. For the prior three years he was responsible for strategic planning at Intel’s Communications Group focusing on security, management and wire line & wireless communications.

Earlier he held engineering & marketing positions at Burroughs, Fairchild, Philips Semiconductor, Nortel, and NEC America. He has published more than 25 technical and marketing papers, and is a frequent speaker at numerous conferences. He took active part in many standard committees including ATM Forum, FDDI, IEEE802, IETF, and ISDN. Nabil earned a BSEE from IIT in Chicago, and a MSECE from UC Santa Barbara. He holds three patents in computer architecture and remote networking.