Tina Tsou – Huawei

tsou-tinaTina Tsou has been working at Huawei R&D since 2000. She has been involved in the development of Huawei’s IP, access, and resource manager products (2000-2007), and has been working on various next-generation networking research and technology strategy projects since 2008 with a focus on software-defined networking (since 2010). She is a key member of Huawei’s SDN core team with responsibility for carrier SDN Northbound Interface architecture work. Through her close interactions with network operators (including China Telecom) and internal engineering teams, she has developed extensive experience with large-scale IP networks, IPv6 migration and SDN/IPv6 network architecture.

In addition to her ONF role, Tina has held various chair, rapporteur, and editor positions in ITU-T, IETF and ETSI, and has multiple publications in the IEEE magazine and IETF Journal.