Discussion Groups

ONF discussion groups provide forums to discuss topics related to SDN. They are a useful vehicle for presenting ideas and debating their merits. Participants enjoy expanding their knowledge of issues that fall outside the realm of active standards development.

discussion-groupsThe working and discussion groups are restricted to ONF member company employees. All working or discussion group participants must apply to join any ONF mailing list with a valid ONF member email address. If you are an employee of an ONF member company and wish to participate, please go to: https://onfstaging1.opennetworking.org/member-login. If your company is not a member, please contact us to learn more about the membership benefits and how your company can join the ONF.

The following discussion groups are currently active:

  • Carrier Grade SDN is a recently-formed discussion group focusing on the unique needs of carrier operators of SDN environments. In addition to defining the unique aspects of SDN in these scenarios, this group is working on use cases, deployment considerations, and the bandwidth management constraints that carrier operators typically encounter.
  • Forum is for discussion by all members of meeting plans and other non-technical subjects of general interest
  • Japanese – After much interest from ONF Japanese members to find each other, arrange meetups and also communicate in the Japanese language, ONF has created a new mailing list for our members in Japan, called japanese@. This list is, like all the others, restricted to ONF member company employees only, to protect our members’ IP. However, even though there may be technical conversations on this mailing list, contributions to the defined technical activities in ONF will still have to come through the mailing lists of the established Working Groups and be in English. Also, even though this mailing list is intended to serve our members in Japan, it is subject to our anti-trust guidelines.

    日本語 – 日本のONFメンバーの強いご要望を受け、ONFでは、日本のメンバーの皆様に新しくJapanese@というメーリングリストを用意しました。メンバー検索・ミーティングのアレンジなど、日本語でのコミュニケーションに是非ご活用ください。ONFメンバーのIP保護のため、他のメーリングリストと同様、このメーリングリストもONFメンバー企業限定です。ただし、日本語メーリングリスト上で技術的な議論がなされても、ONFにおいて定義されるテクニカルな取り組みへのコントリビューションは、定められたワーキンググループのメーリングリストを通じて英語で行うものとしますので、ご注意ください。また、日本在住のメンバーの為のメーリングリストですが、ONFの反独禁法ガイドラインに沿うものとします。

  • Layer 4-7 Services is a recently formed group that will focus on end-to-end services that require various L4-L7 functions and chaining, including what/how OpenFlow® protocols are used for forwarding nodes, virtualized network functions, and methods to interact with orchestration/management layer.
  • Security is primarily intended to promote discussion of security considerations relating to OpenFlow® and OF-Config protocols and SDN infrastructure more generally. The intention is to exchange ideas for securing the protocols and interfaces, and establishing best practices for securing SDN implementations. Our second intention, and one that we hope to develop over time, is to encourage the development of applications of SDN in order to deliver additional security functionality to systems, applications, and data.
  • Skills Certification will discuss certification and testing of people for SDN-related skills.