A Message from Our Sponsors

Google has pioneered Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in data centers for over a decade. With the open sourcing of PINS (P4 Integrated Network Stack) two years ago, Google has ushered in a new model to remotely configure network switches. PINS brings in a P4Runtime application container to the SONiC architecture and supports extensions that make it easier for operators to realize the benefits of SDN. We look forward to enhancing the PINS capabilities and continue to support the P4 community in the future.

P4 is here to stay. It started with programmable Ethernet switches and is scaling through IPUs and FPGAs.  Direct support of P4 within the Linux kernel is another important use case we see emerging.  As an unambiguous way of specifying requirements, the future for P4 is bright and our commitment & investment at Intel is continuing to grow.

Please visit: intel.com/ipu 

A leader in programmable network solutions for 5G, Segment Routing, Packet Brokering, Visibility, and Service Programming, NoviFlow’s solutions leverage the flexibility and features of P4 to deliver load balancing, service chaining, packet redirection and filtering directly in the switch, reducing costs, easing service insertion and enabling elastic scaling to multi-Tbps.