The Open Transport Configuration & Control (OTCC) project aims to promote common configuration and control interfaces for transport networks in SDN, defining these interfaces with open source software and software-defined standards.

This project will develop open source software and accompanying software-based standards for control of L0-L2+ transport technologies, including optical and microwave. This project will also develop open source software and accompanying software-based standards simplifying control of service provider multi-domain multi-technology transport networks.

The OTCC project will coordinate with the ONOS and the ONF Packet-Optical projects to develop and publish standard interfaces. This coordination will be driven bi-directionally:

a) Promoting adoption of OTCC work by ONOS, and

b) Using OTCC techniques and tools to model ONOS interfaces to produce models and APIs that can be published as software defined standards.

Leverage of this work by transport equipment vendors and by partner SDOs (such as OIF, MEF) into their information model, API development and PoC/Interop implementation efforts will facilitate industry convergence and avoid needless fragmentation in Transport API space.

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