Open Disaggregated Transport Network

ODTN is a multi-layer SDN network solution integrating the packet and optical domains with white box disaggregated hardware to build next-generation wide area networks (WANs).

Legacy POTS (packet optical transport systems) are complex vertically integrated solutions tightly coupling vendor proprietary technologies into closed solutions. Operators have been compelled to deploy single vendor networks to ensure interoperability and manageability

As an open source solution for leveraging both legacy hardware and disaggregated white box systems, ODTN provides integrated SDN control of multi-layer networks. The ODTN project leverages ONOS™ to optimize across packet and optical layers in real-time.

With Packet-Optical convergence, operators can:

  • Adjust capacity across multiple vendor equipment domains
  • Find spare capacity and respond to failures/new traffic demands in seconds
  • Reconfigure networks dynamically and in real-time for major CAPEX & OPEX savings

Using novel abstractions such as intent-based networking and converged topology graphs, this solution enables rapid introduction of new services and unprecedented optimization of legacy networks. In addition to providing seamless integrated control over packet and optical layers, the ODTN solution also abstracts protocols and devices through southbound plugins with protocols such as OpenFlow, TL1, and PCEP.

Current multi-layer Networks

Challenges Addressed

Current networks are composed of separate optical and packet domains. Each is built, configured and managed separately, creating numerous handicaps and inefficiencies, including:

  • Static optical layer lacks agility to provide bandwidth on demand
  • Inflexible nature of current transport networks leads to over-provisioning
  • Inefficiencies due to independent management of Packet and Optical Networks

Multi-layer SDN Control with ODTN (leveraging ONOS)

  • Converged SDN Control Plane for Packet and Optical Networks
  • Multi-layer Network programmability using Novel Abstractions
  • Converged Topology View for Provisioning New Services


Multi-layer SDN Control of Packet and Optical Networks for an Agile, Efficient WAN

ODTN provides real-time optimization across packet & optical layers of the network. Rather than managing these as separate domains, a single integrated SDN management and control layer enables:

  • Rapid Introduction of New Services
  • Simplified Capacity Adjustments
  • Dynamic Provisioning to Reduce Opex
  • Cross-layer optimizations to minimize over provisioning (and Capex)
Packet-Optical Network
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