TAM Report: Open Source Hardware & Software in Service Provider Networks By 650 Group

  • 85% of Service Providers confident about mass adoption of open source by 2023
  • 10-15% of CAPEX budget currently focused on open source
  • 37% of vendor revenues will be impacted by open source within 5 years
  • OPEX savings and improved service agility key drivers for adoption
  • Broadband Access will complete this journey to open source in five years

5-Year Revenues = $490B

Revenue CORD-Related TAM

CORD-Related Equipment & Software Market TAM

Cord TAM depuy still jpg

“This huge $490B equipment spending opportunity over the next 5 years in communications service provider networks is large but is also complex; and the impact of next-generation SDN is making broadband and 5G deployment easier,”
Chris DePuy, founding analyst for 650 Group.

CORD TAM Research Update – By 650 Group

Total Market impacted by ONF and CORD related open source platforms

5 year total revenue vendors jpg

Telecom’s $490 Billion Open Source Network Opportunity


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