• The Sustainable Mobile and RAN Transformation 5G (SMaRT-5G) project is a collaborative effort focused on developing, demonstrating and open sourcing ML (Machine Learning) - driven, intelligent energy savings solutions for mobile networks. Proof of Concept (PoC) implementations will be designed to demonstrate progressively advanced energy savings techniques.

    The SMaRT-5G initiative will build a series of PoCs designed to demonstrate progressively advanced energy savings techniques on both open RAN and traditional RAN architectures. The phased series of PoCs are designed to enable MNOs to use results from each PoC on both disaggregated open RAN and traditional RAN architectures in order to accelerate industry impact. The two major approaches being explored for overall power consumption optimization:

    • Optimizing RAN power consumption
    • Optimizing compute utilization for both RAN and Core

    Read the “SMaRT-5G Project” white paper for in-depth insights about the market requirements and concepts for each of the planned PoC phases.

    To learn more or explore participation in the SMaRT-5G project, complete the form and someone from the project leadership team will be in touch.

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    This paper highlights the significant energy related challenges facing mobile operators as they deploy 5G networks. It offers insights into the approaches the SMaRT-5G project plans to take in addressing these challenges through a series of PoCs developed in collaboration with participating operators, vendors, standards organizations and academia.

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