Carmelo Cascone
Charles Chan
Saurav Das
Pier Luigi Ventre

The SD-Fabric™ is a P4-programmable network fabric designed to empower programmers to customize packet processing in the network fabric.

SD-Fabric creates an Ethernet fabric optimized for edge application and uses SDN control to make a spine-leaf assembly of switches appear as a virtual single routing instance to all hosts and routers connected to the fabric. 

SD-Fabric is being used by the Pronto project, leveraging the full programmability of P4 to implement  fine-grained measurement, network verification and closed-loop control.

SD-Fabric Architecture

Empowered by a fully programmable, verifiable data plane


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Supports Advanced Networking Functions


SD-Fabric exposes APIs so application developers can customize the forwarding pipeline. As an example, SD-Core terminates mobile subscriber traffic in a P4 switch and/or NIC by implementing the User Plane Function (P4-UPF) via SD-Fabric APIs.


SD-Fabric Resources

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