5G Connected Edge Cloud for Industry 4.0 Transformation – 2020 Spotlight Series

Dec 08, 2020 to Dec 10, 2020 | Virtual

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Solutions at the Intersection of Edge Cloud, 5G and Programmable Networks

A major digital transformation has begun taking place that is ushering in a massive enterprise transformation - the blending of IoT connected devices and applications with AI/ML enabled automation. Connecting the physical infrastructure of an organization with intelligent processing and closed loop control has already proven to yield transformational operational benefits and cost efficiencies that can translate to a significant competitive advantage.  There is little question this transformation will ultimately impact every organization worldwide. 

The intersection of edge cloud, 5G and programmable networks forms the foundation for building exciting and powerful new solutions. This event will convene thought-leaders from across this intersection to discuss the latest technology enablers, use-cases, trends and go-to-market models. 

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Live Keynotes


On-Demand Keynotes

Nate Foster, Associate Professor Department of Computer Science, Cornell University

Dai Kashiwa, VP SDN/NFV Technology Development, NTT Communications

Kang-Won Lee, VP, Head of Cloud, 5G MEC, Product and Engineering, SK Telecom

Preston Marshall, Engineering Director, Google & Vice Chairman & Board Member, CBRS Alliance

Renu Navale - VP & GM, Edge Computing & Ecosystem, Intel

Jennifer Rexford, Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University


Private CBRS/LTE as a Cloud Managed Service - Panel

Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst, 650 Group (Moderator)

Deepak Das, VP Solutions, Federated Wireless

Karim El Malki, President, Athonet

Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President, Product and Market Strategy, JMA Wireless

Boris Renski, Founder, FreedomFi

Juan Santiago, Head of Ruckus CBRS Business, CommScope

Rajeev Shah, Founder & CEO, Celona

Oğuz Sunay, VP R&D, Mobility, ONF


Invited Talks

Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst, 650 Group

Prajakta Joshi, Group Product Manager, Google

Antonio Pellegrino, CEO, Mutable

Jacob Reeb, VP of Wireless & Digital Services & Colin Campbell, VP of Engineering, Cambridge Consultants

Juan Santiago, Head of Ruckus CBRS Business, CommScope

Kurt Schaubach, CTO, Federated Wireless


Technical Talks

Vikram Barate, Director of Engineering & Amit Wankhede, Associate Architect, GS Lab

Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer, Open Compute Project & Mike Moore, Edge Cloud Platform Product Sales, Nokia

Marc LeClerc, VP Strategy & Marketing, NoviFlow; Jesper Eriksson, VP Product Management, NoviFlow; Sven Freudenfeld, CTO, Telecom Applications Business Unit, Lanner; Nicolas Thomas, Standards, MANO and VNF Strategist, Fortinet; Prem Jonnalagadda, Senior Director, Product Management & Marketing, Intel

Stephen Ibanez, PhD in Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University




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