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2023 VOLTHA TST Election Results

Jul 14, 2023
Michelle Roth
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We are delighted to announce the results of the recent 2023 VOLTHA Technical Steering Team (TST) Elections. Abhilash Satish Laxmeshwar (Radisys), Burak Gurdag (Argela) and Serkant Uluderya (Netsia) have been elected to 2-year terms on the VOLTHA TST. 

We also would like to extend a warm thank you to outgoing TST members Holger Hildebrandt (ADTRAN) and Suhas Gururaj (Radisys). Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated! 

VOLTHA is an open source project for PON broadband access equipment, supporting the principle of multi-vendor, disaggregated, “any broadband access as a service” for the Central Office. VOLTHA is deployed in production networks at Deutsche Telekom (DT) and Türk Telekom (TT) and several other operators. Deployment, trial and test feedback, strong collaboration and ongoing development with operators and ecosystem members provides a strong feedback loop that ensures ongoing software quality and feature richness.

The VOLTHA TST meets weekly on Tuesdays at 8am PT - the meetings are public and open for anyone to attend and participate. 

About Our New VOLTHA TST Members

Abhilash Satish Laxmeshwar - Technical Specialist, Radisys India

With 20+ years of industry experience, Abhilash has been working on the VOLTHA project for approximately 5 years. He has contributed to developing openolt-adapter, rw-core, and openonu-adapter. Abhilash is currently working on new features and stability for VOLTHA. 

Burak Gurdag - Project Coordinator/Software Team Lead/System Architect, Argela Technologies

Burak has almost 17 years of experience working at Argela, and has been working on the VOLTHA project since the beginning of 2019. He started by participating in the BAL brigade and testing/reviewing/coding for the openolt agent codebase, and has contributed primarily on the OLT level since. Burak is currently working/coding in the openolt agent code, including Dynamic LAG Support, Combo OLT Support, Separation of IGMP channel and MultiNNI Support, along with bug fixes.

Serkant Uluderya - Engineering Manager, Netsia

Serkant has 15+ years of experience in information technologies, especially in SDN, VoIP, DPI, and mobile core networks. He has been working on the VOLTHA project since January 2019, and has contributed to designing and solving high availability, scalability, and performance issues, along with bug fixes. Serkant is currently working on upstreaming a new component that handles IGMP protocol messages to enhance IPTV service, and is also involved in discussions between the ONF and BBF communities to align specifications. 

Interested in getting involved in VOLTHA?

Below are a few resources to check out:

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