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Code Drop! iSDX Project

Mar 18, 2016

ONF welcomes the contribution of Princeton University's iSDX code to the OpenSourceSDN.org community.

OSSDN With the Open Networking Summit taking place this week in Santa Clara, open source SDN projects are the talk of the town. We’d like to talk to you about one such project that we’re particularly proud to be involved with – iSDX, an industrial-scale Software Defined Internet Exchange point.

This week, Princeton University took center stage at ONS to announce the contribution of iSDX code to ONF’s open source community, OpenSourceSDN.org. Led by Arpit Gupta, a team of researchers has been working for the last three years to develop mechanisms that could fundamentally change how independently operated networks interconnect and exchange traffic. Over the past year, the Princeton team has worked closely with partner enterprise networks to harden the code and test it on hardware switches, including the low-cost Quanta LY2. A recent breakthrough with the project has enabled the developers to allow the scaling challenge of using SDN controllers to manage high-volume traffic and the applying of flow-based policy beyond what conventional routing can offer. The project is now at the stage where it can be shared with the broader open source community.

We at ONF/OSSDN could not be more excited to partner with Princeton University and house this code within our OpenSourceSDN.org code repository. Through ONF’s open source community, our more than 130 member companies and countless open source community contributors will have direct access to the code for their use in advancing other open source projects and for implementation into real world networks. This partnership with Princeton also means that we will continue to work closely with the University’s talented team of professors and developers for the creation of many other applications and use cases not imagined possible today.

The full team of Princeton developers, which includes Robert MacDavid, Rüdiger Birkner, Marco Canini, Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford (ONF Board of Directors Member), and Laurent Vanbever, is confident that their planned efforts can be greatly augmented by the development of a great community of developers to the project. The progress on the issues of scalability have been impressive, and the team has already been engaged with some of the world’s leading IXPs for preliminary testing and demonstration efforts.

The Project Page on OSSDN can be found here: iSDX PROJECT PAGE

The slide deck presented by Arpit at ONS is here: iSDX_OSSDN_NSDI_V7

A more detailed paper presented at USENIX by the Princeton team is posted here: USENIX NSDI PAPER_GUPTA_ET AL_AN INDUSTRIAL SCALE SOFTWARE DEFINED INTERNET EXCHANGE POINT

ONF’s vision for OpenSourceSDN.org was to create an open-source repository where SDN open-source projects would be able to start, grow, develop, or be received. This vision is being realized in this very significant software project donation from Princeton University. We’re looking forward to working with this team of developers on this and future projects.

- Dan Pitt, Executive Director

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Dan Pitt