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Community Highlights – November 2021

Dec 8, 2021
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents 

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations & Communities


  • Aether-1.6 is now deployed on ONF’s Menlo Lab.
  • Work continues on developing an all-at-the-edge Aether deployment process.


  • The 2nd SD-RAN trailing release (SD-RAN v1.2) was released to open source.
  • The ONF team is working with Adrian Kliks and Lukasz Kulacz from RIMEDO Labs to build an O-RAN A1 interface for the nRT-RIC.
  • The ONF team is working with Annie Li and Brandon Wu from Sercomm to integrate their eNB with the SD-RAN nRT-RIC.
  • The ONF team is working with Sonia Bhattacharya, Nishat Zaman, and Oner Orhan from Intel Labs to integrate their Connectivity Management xApp with the RIC.


  • Vini Gajjar from GS Lab and Ajay Thakur from ONF working on gNB Simulator for 5G development. 
    • Added more configuration options for NGAP setup. 
    • Added support for gNB initiated UE context release procedure. 
    • Development to add support for Service Request procedures is in progress.
    • We have added documentation for gNodeB sim. 
    • QOS monitoring support
      • Metrics to measure Packet drop, throughput, latency and jitter per PDR.
    • PFCP Refactoring
      • Multiple PFCP connection support added.
  • 5G Trial/Edge Updates
    • NTT
      • Team fixed issues at AMF/SMF related to multiple slice support in core.
      • Team identified issues in P4-UPF while session establishment/modification.
    • FET
      • Team fixed issue related to dynamic config update at SMF.
    • DT 
      • Team fixed issue related to session context replacement at SMF.
  • Aether 1.5.4 is released with some more fixes in SD-Core.  Release 1.5.4 is currently deployed in the Aether production network. 
  • SD-Core 1.0 Release progress
    • SD-Core 1.0 comes with PCRF integration to install PCC Rules. 
    • The ONF team has completed Application filtering work and support is available as SD-Core 1.0 development is complete.  As a part of this work, now SD-Core supports multiple FARs, QERs, PDRs per UE. This will give critical features of binding applications to specific slices. Users outside the slice should not be able to access the applications. This code is available and now going through release cycle tests. 
    • Sd-Core team continues to add more test cases in the automation. New test coverage includes 1.6 Release feature testing.  New test cases include multiple slice creation at a site, verifying qos rates for various applications, application filtering and slice level qos verification. There are some more test cases added along  failure/restart of network functions.
    • SD-Core documentation is in progress and should be available as a part of 1.0 release. 
  • 1.1 feature planning
    • End to end QoS support with various operations control is planned for SD-Core 1.1 Release. This includes session rule, notification of session rule change, install/modify/delete PCC rules. Creation of dedicated QoS flows. Team is working on SM Policy Update Notifications from PCF to SMF for QoS/Traffic rule changes.
    • Application filtering using PCC rule will be made available in 5G Core Network
    • SMF handling of Session Reports from UPF is in progress. Shubham from GSLab and Ankur from ONF working on this feature. 


  • The whole SD-Fabric team worked on two demonstrations presented at the OCP Global Summit 2021:
    • Demo 1: Deployment automation and monitoring dashboard.
    • Demo 2: Troubleshooting of common issues using INT.
  • P4-UPF
    • Daniele and Tomasz (ONF) started working on a refactoring of the P4-UPF pipeline in order to improve scalability and support per-application QoS/filtering.
    • Max (ONF) implemented per-flow QoS metrics on BESS-UPF.
    • Carmelo, Charles, Max (ONF) proposed BESS-UPF simplification and interface consolidation.
    • Darius (ONF) contributed new infrastructure for BESS-UPF line rate testing.
  • Maintenance
    • Emanuele (ONF) ported fabric v1 model (including basic, spgw and int profile) to the fabric-tna repo.
    • Pier (ONF) troubleshooted and proposed a fix for a mastership issue observed in production.
    • Pier (ONF) proposed a plan for deprecating the Java-based Atomix and move forward to Atomix Cloud in ONOS.
    • Wailok (ONF) contributed clean ups and unit tests for QoS APIs.
  • Operation
    • Charles (ONF) proposed a new design to simplify SD-Fabric deployment in Aether.
    • Yi (ONF) started working on a PoC for how to leverage INT in the Aether monitoring/alert system to troubleshoot UE issues.
  • Testing
    • Jon (Ciena), Siddesh (ONF) completed SRRouting and ONOS rolling restart test cases


  • The OLT app has been completely rewritten and merged. Code quality, modularity and extensibility has been vastly increased. The newer version also fixes scale issues and allows for simpler introduction of new operator workflows. A huge thanks to Matteo and Andrea from ONF and Yasin from Nestia for testing. 
  • A demo video was recorded and shared to showcase the current status of the projects, you can find the video here. The same demo was brought to the OCP Global Summit in San Jose. Thanks to Matteo, Girish, and Andrea from ONF.  
  • Transparent VLAN Tagging at the OLT was introduced in the openolt adapter, agent, and ONOS olt app. This allows the system to support the Telecom Italia (TIM) access workflow. Thanks to Mario, Marika, and Giacomo from Reply,  Andrea and Girish from ONF. 
  • Several bug fixes have been introduced in the openonu go adapter around reconciliation, software upgrade, device force delete, thanks to Michael and Holger from ADTRAN. Other fixes revolved around ETCD stale data, ensuring that processes such as deletion did not leave behind useless/stale info, thanks to David and Khen from Ciena, and Girish and Hardik from ONF.
  • The testing framework was greatly extended with more Multicast, ONU Delete and rediscovery, uni tag and software upgrade testing, thanks to Huseyin and Emrehan from Netisa, Torsten from Adtran, and Hardik from ONF. 
  • Continuous support of the 2.8 LTS with bug fixes backported and tested, a huge thanks to all the community on these.



  • Guohan Lu, Prince Sunny, Qi Liu, and Yanzhao Zhang (Microsoft) shepherded and reviewed the PINS MVP upstream contributions to SONiC. Brian O’Connor, Don Newton (ONF), Bhagat Janarthanan, Robert Halstead, Runming Wu, and Stephen Wang (Google) addressed review comments. All together, the MVP contribution consisted of 13 pull requests to 4 SONiC repos, including approximately 100,000 lines of code.
  • Bhagat, Brian, and Reshma Sudarshan (Intel) presented details of the PINS MVP at the OCP Global Summit in San Jose. A recording of the talk is online.
  • Also at OCP, the PINS community presented a demonstration of the PINS MVP features using leaf-spine fabric of PINS switches from Arista and Intel using Broadcom Tomahawk3 and Intel Tofino respectively. The PINS SDN fabric was controlled using SD-Fabric and ONOS. Special thanks to Niloofar Toorchi, Daniele Moro, Don, and Brian!


  • Preparing for ONOS 2.7 (X-Wing) release; presently in QA stage; RC1 is available.
  • Planning done for ONOS 2.8 (yet-to-be-named “Y” release) - available on YouTube ONOS channel.
  • µONOS Config subsystem is being revisited - to simplify plugin model, stores and to add new features (e.g., RBAC, guard-rails).


  • The formal publication of the ONF TR-512Core Information Model” v1.5 release has been announced on the OIMT project mailing list on November 18, 2021. The publication is now publicly available on the ONF web site https://onfstaging1.opennetworking.org/software-defined-standards/models-apis/ under the “PROJECT: INFORMATION MODELING” tab.
  • The IISOMI (Informal Inter-SDO Open Model Initiative) group of OIMT has been undertaking effort, led by Martin Skorupski (Highstreet Technologies), to cooperate with O-RAN to establish an O-RAN project on UML-YANG Mapping tooling, which will be based on ONF TR-531 “UML-YANG Mapping Guidelines'' and the IISOMI developed xmi2yang codes. Tracy van Brakle (AT&T) has written the proposal for the O-RAN TSC to vote on.


  • TAPI subteam under Andrea Mazzini (Nokia) has completed work on ONF TR-547 TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement v1.1, under the editorship of Ramon Casellas (CTTC).
  • TAPI subteam under Andrea Mazzini (Nokia) has also completed work on ONF TR-548, a related new TR TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement -  Streaming v1.1, under the editorship of Nigel Davis (Ciena).
  • Both TRs will be under review by the OTCC TST in the coming weeks.

Ambassador Program

  • We are happy to welcome new Ambassadors to our Ambassador Program:
    • Rahul Hada - based in Bangalore, India, completed his graduation (B.Tech-IT) between 2002-2006 and post-graduation (M.Tech-CE) between 2010-2013. In his professional journey he had the opportunity to work on a few of the ONF community projects including ONOS, NG-SDN and P4. Rahul is blessed with two kids, one boy and one girl, and enjoys spending time in the countryside hiking with family and friends during off hours. He is excited to be a part of ONF’s Ambassadors Team and is looking forward to a great journey ahead.

Developer Relations and Communities

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