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Community Highlights – September 2021

Oct 6, 2021
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents 

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations & Communities


  • Aether 1.5 has been released and deployed on ONF and Pronto production sites.
  • Keycloak is now supported as an authentication server for Aether management tools.
  • Preliminary Aether 1.6 modeling has been implemented, including new levels of QoS and new Application filtering features.


  • Understanding Trailing Open-source releases
    • Every time SD-RAN project publishes an ONF member-only release, the previous member-only release will be made open-sourced (Apache 2.0 License).
    • SD-RAN Project moves from Incubation Phase into the Partner Commercialization Phase - read about it on this blog post.
  • SD-RAN v1.1 Open Source Release (Apache 2.0 license)
      • SD-RAN Wiki
      • Key Takeaways:
        •  Some open source repos are read-only.
        • Executable binaries are included.
        • Contributions accepted only on master (not in trailing releases).
  • sdran-dev mailing list and Community meetings are now open for anyone to join. As you join the mailing list, you will automatically receive invites to SD-RAN Community meetings taking place every first and third Thursday of the month at 9am Pacific time via Zoom.


  • Badrinath from ONF’s SD-Core team along with SD-Fabric team and developers at Intel contributed to the PFCP Agent. PFCP Agent is the Thin Control Plane layer for BESS UPF, P4 UPF. 
  • Shubham Joshi from GS Lab has contributed to error handling from the PFCP interface at SMF.  
  • ONF and GS Lab team developing gNodeB simulator for 5G development. Vini Gajjar from GS Lab and Ajay Thakur from ONF working on this tool. This is in progress and we are expecting a first release of the simulator should be available in SD-Core Release 1.0. This simulator can be used to test 5G network functions. 
  • QoS support per UE level is already part of Aether 1.5 release. Now SD-Core is in process of adding QoS support per application. This brings in changes to support multiple FARs, QERs, PDRs per PFCP session. It is expected to be available as a part of SD-Core 1.0 release.
  • Ajay Thakur from ONF is working on Application Filtering. Application filtering through network slicing API work development is in progress. This will give critical features of binding applications to specific slices. Users outside the slice should not be able to access the applications. This should be available as a part of SD-Core 1.0 release. 
  • ONF team members Vijaya Rani and Ajay Thakur fixed issues in Network Slice Configuration. Network slice configuration addition, deletion, and modification is supported now.
  • The SD-Core team continues to support various trial efforts.  A number of ONF member companies are using SD-Core in their trials.
  • Ankur Upadhyaya and Vijaya Rani from ONF added new design changes in AMF and SMF to handle 5,000 calls at the rate of 5 calls per second. 
  • Badhrinath, Hyunsun Moon, and Andy Bavier from ONF helped to deploy Aether Network using ROC APIs.  4G/5G  Network Functions are configured through ROC network slicing APIs and are robust and available to ONF members. 
  • Ankur Upadhyaya from ONF has added FSM support in SMF. This will help in future development in SMF area.
  • 5G network functions supporting multiple PLMN is work in progress and support should be available as a part of SD-Core 1.0 release. Pingping Lin and Ankur Upadhyaya from ONF team worked on this feature.


  • Our first release (SD-Fabric v1.0) is coming in two weeks! That includes SD-Fabric helm charts and docker images, along with a brand new documentation website. Stay tuned.
  • Jon Hall (Ciena), Siddesh Sreenivasan (ONF), Daniele Moro (ONF), Yi Tseng (ONF) and Darius Grassi (ONF) contributed to various test infrastructure and test cases.
  • Daniele Moro (ONF) and Wailok Shum (ONF) implemented slicing and QoS for both mobile (GTP-encapsulated) and non-mobile (IP) traffic
  • Tomasz Osiński (ONF) implemented CNI independent host INT and verified with Calico and Cilium CNIs.
  • Max Pudelko (ONF) implemented per-slice, per-UE rate limiting and app filtering in BESS UPF.
  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) revisited programming responsibility in SD-Fabric forwarding control and resolved several bugs including port number format inconsistency. Pier also introduced resource limit to SD-Fabric helm chart


  • Completed the full rewrite of the OLT application for ONOS, the app provides better speed, error handling, and cleaner code in respect to the older one. Tests are ongoing and will be merged into master soon. Thanks in particular to Matteo and Andrea from ONF.
  • Complete all the patches for the Kafka to gRPC migration for internal container-to-container communication, improving performance, stability, and greatly simplifying the system. Tests are now passing and the patches are in the process of getting merged. Thanks to Ciena, in particular to Khen and David, ADTRAN with Holger, Michael, and Torsten, and ONF’s Matteo, Girish, and Andrea. 
  • Designed and identified required changes to support Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) thanks to Netisa, Mahir and Ozge in particular. 
  • Expanded the number of MEs supported in omci-lib-go as well te unit test coverage for the library, thanks to Chip Boling at Tibit.
  • Started the move to BAL 3.10 LTS, thanks to Dave and Frank from Broadcom, and Girish from ONF. 
  • Successful 2.8 certification of the 6320 Adtran OLT in Berlin with DT workflow, thanks to Holger, Torsten, and Nils from ADTRAN, Bjorn from DT, and Andrea from ONF.


  • The Japan P4 Users Association is hosting the virtual Japan P4 User Group 2021 event on October 21, 2021 beginning at 1:00 pm JST. Check out the agenda and register to attend this event which includes live presentations and recorded talks.
  • We’re pleased to announce the 4th P4 Workshop in Europe which will take place as a virtual event on December 13, 2021 in conjunction with ACM/IEEE ANCS’21. The CFP is now open - please take a look at the topics of interest and consider submitting. View the event web page for all the details.
  • P4 API Working Group 
    • Brian O’Connor (ONF) discussed the PINS effort and impact to P4Runtime activities; refer to WG meeting minutes for all the details.


  • Bhagat Janarthanan, Robert Halstead, Runming Wu, Srikishen Shanmugam, Stephen Wang, Steffen Smolka (Google), and Ravi Vantipalli and Reshma Sudarshan (Intel) presented the PINS design docs (HLDs) to the SONiC community. The status tracker for the HLDs is on Github. Thanks to the community for the feedback already, and please feel free to review and comment on these documents.


  • Thanks to Wailok Shum (ONF) and Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) for the first time in the ONOS releases we have a full support of P4RT indirect meters with the MeterService able to handle both OpenFlow meters and P4RT indirect meters.
  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) and Adrea Campanella (ONF) fixed several issues that were mining the stability of the ONOS cluster.
  • Andrea Campanella (ONF) improved the OpenFlow channel handler by processing in order channel, port status, and mastership events.
  • Matteo Scandolo (ONF) fixed an issue with the multiline comments in the parsing of the OSGI properties.
  • Special thanks to David Glantz who contributed to ONOS by fixing several bugs.


  • Virtual Face-to-Face meeting on September 7-12, 2021 with participants from Ciena, Cisco, Ericsson, FiberHome/CICT, Infinera, Network Mining, Nokia, Telefonica, and ZTE. Topics covered and discussion led by:
    • Power model (Chris Hartley – Cisco).
    • Simplified Spec model (Nigel Davis – Ciena).
    • Control and Streaming model (Nigel Davis – Ciena).
    • OAM - Operation/Administration/Maintenance (Andrea Mazzini – Nokia, Nigel Davis – Ciena).
    • External SDO Landscape (Lyndon Ong – Ciena).
    • Location model extension (Leo Nederlof – Network Mining).
    • Telecom Infra Project – TIP OOPT MUST Landscape (Arturo Mayoral – Facebook).
    • TR-512 Release 1.5 Delivery – Sept. 2021 (Nigel Davis – Ciena, Kam Lam – CICT).
    • TR-512 Release plan for 1.6 and beyond (Nigel Davis – Ciena, Kam Lam – CICT).


  • With TAPI Release 2.3 now published, work is proceeding on 2.3.1 under Andrea Mazzini’s (Nokia) leadership.  Karthik Sethuraman (NEC) and Ronald Zabaleta and Nigel Davis (Ciena) have been providing input.  Also in progress is an update to TR-547 Reference Implementation Agreement under Ramon Casellas (CTTC).
  • Jonathan Sadler (Infinera) has been providing liaison information from OIF, which is planning a 2022 Interop Demonstration using TAPI for partial disaggregation of operator optical networks.
  • 5G xHaul group has been continuing to make progress under Thorsten Heinze (Telefonica) and Martin Skorupski (Highstreet).

Ambassador Program

Developer Relations and Communities

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