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Community Member Profile: Ahmed Abdelaziz

Nov 16, 2022
Denise Barton
Denise Barton About the author

In this community member profile we highlight Ahmed Abdelaziz, an Assistant Professor at Khawarizmi International College, a private school in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He has been an active participant in the ONF Ambassador Program since October 2017 and is passionate about educating telecom operators in the Middle East about Aether, ONF’s open source 5G connected edge platform. 

Ahmed Football 225x300 jpegAhmed holds a PhD in Computer Network - Software-Defined Networks, from Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While at the university he worked as a Research Assistant for three years in the school’s mobile cloud computer lab which provided him with hands-on experience in SDN and NFV. In 2018, his SDN research project, “SDN-Based Load Balancing for Cloud Servers” was published in IEEE Communications Magazine.

In 2020, Ahmed worked with Dr. Levi Perigo and Rahil from Colorado University to revamp the ONF-Certified SDN Associate Exam. In this update, we added more topics including P4 advanced topics in OpenFlow 1.4 as well as updated all of the exam questions. 

Currently, Ahmed is working with many research centers in the Middle East to explore Aether and has many initiatives that will deploy it for testing 5G AI  and  IoT Applications.  “Recently, I was excited to see that du launched a private 5G network offering that included ONF’s Aether, SD-Core, and SD-RAN platforms,” stated Ahmed.

With a passion for education, Ahmed has served as an ONF Ambassador and is currently a member of the Ambassador Steering Team (A-Team). In this role he has delivered a number of presentations on topics related to ONF projects and SDN, including:

2021: Delivery Aether Webinar to TAR of Bahrain
2020: Contributed to update pf ONF- SDN 2.0 Professional Certificates
2018-2020: Teaching more that 4 SDN courses under ITU program
2018: Delivery of ONOS Workshop for TAR of Sudan
2018: SDN workshop in Qatar University 

A fun fact about Ahmed is that his father was a host of a children's program on television in Sudan. When he was young, he worked alongside his father on television programs. This gave Ahmed his introduction to presenting to an audience and skills he uses today as a public speaker. 

In his free time, Ahmed enjoys playing football and volunteering in the community. 


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