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Community Member Profile: Kunal Kapoor

Jul 18, 2023
Denise Barton
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In this community member profile we highlight Kunal Kapoor, a Senior Software Engineer at GS Lab, who is based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He has been an active contributor in the Aether and SD-Core communities since July 2021.

Kunal Kapoor 1 150x150 jpg“Working on ONF’s Aether has added a new dimension to my career,” said Kunal. “It has provided me with an opportunity to work with evolving telecom technologies, expanding my knowledge in newer areas such as containerization, deployment automation and more. I have also been able to interact and collaborate with the community which accelerates overall development. I am really excited about Aether and excited to see its growing adoption.

Working on the Aether QA automation framework, Kunal has specifically focused on the GUI test framework and SD-Core release testing. Areas he has worked on include: qualifying ROC UI versions 4.0.0 and 3.0.0; enhancements to the existing test framework and addition of new test features; running of the existing framework against Aether 2.0; and working closely with community members on successful SD-Core deployment.

Kunal holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication from Barkatullah University, Bhopal. He began his professional career at Dell International Services. When he moved to GS Lab, he worked on testing 4G core gateway products and SGW and PGW for T-Mobile; these features were added as a contribution to Aether. He has also worked with ONF’s Aether QA team to enhance and maintain the UI test automation framework. 

Kunal is working on validating new releases of SD-Core along with Pritam. Currently he is testing the new features of SD-Core which includes testing with multiple gNBs, test imsi support, static UE IP support, and the 5G metric dashboard. Going forward, the team is planning to automate SD-Core test cases using gNBSim.

In his time outside work, Kunal is a foodie and he loves to sample new cuisines. He enjoys cooking some Indian cuisines and trying his hand at indo-american dishes as well. Kunal also enjoys spending time with his family. He has a one-year old son who keeps the family busy in various fun-filled activities. 

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