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Recap of ONOS SDN-IP at IDNOG Indonesia

Sep 13, 2018
Denise Barton
Denise Barton About the author


In July 2018, ONF’s ambassador Aris Risdianto presented ONOS and SDN-IP application at 5th IDNOG (Indonesia Network Operators Group) Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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IDNOG is an independent non-profit organization with many volunteering-based membership from ISP, Telco Operator, Content Provider, Academia, ICT Regulators and other network owner. The IDNOG conference is mainly sponsored by Internet regulator in Asia Pacific (APNIC, APJII, ICANN), network vendors (e.g., Juniper, Edge-core, Cambium, Huawei, Ciena and Intel), content providers (Facebook, Netflix) and also many local System Integrator in Indonesia. It was not only attended by hundred of participants from different background, but also wide-range network-related topics were presented such as Cyber Security, Hyper-ledger or Blockchain, DevOps Automation, Cloud Networking, Internet Policies and Software-defined Networking.

38235190 1087442008069840 6851197441052508160 o 300x169 jpgThe goal of our presentation was to introduce ONF as organization/foundation. In particular we focused on ONOS open source project and its SDN-IP (Seamless IP and SDN) use case. The SDN-IP use case was chosen in order to match with the targeted audience who are mostly familiar with BGP-based IP Network for their work.

An ONOS SDN-IP demonstration was also provided by playing a short video on how ONOS SDN-IP application works and verified. Apart from that, we also had an opportunity to discuss with several people about the ONF and ONOS project.

In summary, ONF and ONOS project were not famous amongst the audience: some of the people were completely new to it. After our presentation, the audience has a basic overview of the ONF and ONOS to help them start. During the conference, we got very good discussion with distributor of Edge-core network and also planned to have sharing session or joint demo with them. In addition, we may also join APNIC and Indonesia Honeynet Project for further introducing ONF and ONOS project.

IDNOG - https://www.idnog.or.id/id/

APJII - https://www.apjii.or.id

ICANN - https://www.icann.org

APNIC - https://www.apnic.net


My ambassador profile - https://ambassadors.opennetworking.org/directory/aris-cahyadi-risdianto/

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