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Kubernetes, 5G and OMEC Were Discussed at ONOS/CORD/K8S Tech Seminar in Seoul

May 24, 2019
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In April, ONF Ambassadors Daniel Park, Dongkyun Kim, Jian Li and Sangho Shin organized the ONOS/CORD/K8S Technology Seminar at Samsung R&D Center, Seoul, South Korea.

Over recent years, telecom operators have been experiencing a profound technology disruption. With increasing customer expectations, Over The Top (OTT) providers competing for subscriber revenue, telcos have been making a lot of efforts to move their operations from traditional Central Office (CO) into their data center.

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Now, telecom operators are taking it a step further by adopting cloud-native solutions in their data center. Cloud-native principles and technology have proven to be an effective acceleration technology in building and continuously operating the largest clouds in the world, and 3GPP standardized 5G core will be cloud native at start, which means telcos should be able to run and operate Containerized Network Function (CNF) in their central office (CO) in the near future.

To align with this trend, the ONOS/CORD Korean Working Group organized the ONOS/CORD/K8S tech seminar in Seoul. The WG organizing committees invited eight presenters from telcos, vendors and research institutions to share their efforts toward containerization journey.

The first talk was given by KiBeom Park, Principal Engineer, Samsung, and he provided the general updates on Open Networking Summit North America 2019. KiBeom summarized the talks and demonstrations from ONF at ONS event.

Sangho Shin, Manager for SK Telecom, gave an introductory talk on Kubernetes communication model, through which the audiences were able to have general ideas on how Kubernetes network has been designed and operated.

Ashish Billore, Principal Engineer at Samsung, gave the third talk on how the Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI) aims to meet telco requirements. Key takeaways of Ashish's talk is how to seamlessly migrate from OpenStack to Kubernetes using kuryr-kubernetes CNI, and at the meanwhile provides line-rate performance to the VNF and CNF.

The fourth talk was given by SeongKyu An, Manager at SK Telecom, on Istio service mesh using Kubernetes. Note that Istio is the key technology to realize micro-service architecture. Jian Li (Manager at SK Telecom) gave the fifth talk about SONA-CNI which is SK Telecom's in-house built open source project. SONA-CNI is an extension work of SONA, aims to realize ONOS-based overlay solution targeted to manage Kubernetes network.

The sixth and seventh talks were given by Yonghwan Kim and Ki-Hyun Kim, both researchers at KISTI. They demonstrated how KREONET (a national research network in Korea) was empowered by cloud native technology; and to realize cloud native network slicing using VDN/VDNO. In addition, KISTI developed their own VDN-CNI, and integrated it with ONOS to realize inter-POD communications over KREONET-S. The final talk was given by WooJoong Kim, MTS at ONF, who is currently working on the ONF's OMEC project. WooJoong provided general updates on COMAC and OMEC projects, and shown how those projects were architected using cloud native technologies.

The full program is found here:

The ONOS/CORD working group would like to thank all speakers for providing excellent talks, and also give special thanks to Samsung for providing the wonderful venue, and the SDN/NFV Forum for providing event logistics.

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