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ONF Community Highlights: July 2019

Aug 15, 2019
Bill Snow
Bill Snow About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight some of those contributions (and the people) that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities.

Table of Contents

Certification Brigade

  • Community reviewed OLT Test Plan document.
  • Couple updations were made to the certification process documents.
  • Team had discussions about bringing ACLs into the process and reached out in the community for perspective ACLs.
  • Roman Bubyr committed scalability tests for Fabric component.


  • Defined two SR-IOV network types, NetDevice and VFIO. The NetDevice type is now used for regular network applications in COMAC (e.g., NGINX in CDN or BBU/CU). On the contrary, the VFIO type is defined for SPGW-U. For the type definitions, `mcord-setup` Helm chart has been modified and refactored, more clearly. Several minor bugs in the Helm chart have been fixed.
  • Started to make local testbeds with Cavium eNB and Accelleran RU/DU in ONF office, which will be COMAC references.
  • Started to upgrade the COMAC basis from CORD-Platform 6.1 to 7.0.  Also, started to integrate SEBA VNFs into COMAC.
  • Opened `comac-helm-chart` repository for COMAC release. This repository will have Helm charts to deploy COMAC with CORD-Platform 7.0.
  • New helm chart for OAI eNB and UE has been added and made it work together with OMEC.
  • COMAC-in-a-Box has been added to provide a deployment script for OMEC in a single node and a simple end-to-end test scenario of ping from UE to upstream router. It doesn’t require any special hardware as all components including eNB, UE and upstream router are emulated and containerized.
  • Added support of openmme to mcord-release helm chart.
  • Started to add standard docker build method to OMEC repos.

Config and µONOS

  • Various parts of onos-config have now been disaggregated into their own repos
    • Onos-topo is now a separate repo and module for holding the Topology (device store)
    • Onos-test is now a separate repo for the Integration test suite in Kubernetes for all of µONOS
    • Onos-cli will be split out into its own repo after ONF Connect event
    • Onos-ztp is a new application to support Zero Touch Provisioning on top of onos-config
    • Onos-gui is a new web interface for µONOS and initially supports configuration use cases
  • Onos-config has been extended with an operational state cache for displaying device state to configuration users
  • Onos-config integration with Stratum continues - a Stratum Model Plugin has been built  

CORD Platform

  • Released version 7.0.0 of the CORD platform. 
  • Updated the documentation for the 7.0.0 release.  New parts of the guide include developer docs for releasing the CORD software, and a guide for operating a SEBA pod using the cordctl tool.
  • Bug fixes to cordctl

Developer Relations (DevRel)

  • Working to update all landing pages for projects to have a consistent set of information helping to onramp people
  • Planning for doing recognition at the ONF Connect event
  • Extending metrics to the P4 project


  • Complete documentation re-organization and overhaul thanks to Adib Rastegarnia
  • Power Configuration command and Documentation thanks to Boyuan Yan
  • Wavelength command and documentation thanks to Adib Rastegarnia
  • Test and bug-fixes for Lumentum and OpenRoadm drivers thanks to Alessio Giorgetti and Ramon Casellas
  • Disable set of power on client ports (Boyan Yan) and alignment with Intents (Alessio Giorgetti) for OpenRoadm app. 
  • Modulation implementation patch thanks to Sterlite (Puneet, Vishnu and Chetan)
  • Modulation and OSNR OpenConfig yang extension proposal thanks to Sterlite (Puneet, Vishnu)

OIMT (Open Information Modeling & Tooling)

  • Confirmed that there should be no issue with Cisco hosting the September F2F meeting, which will be open to all.
  • Continued working on the Profile & Template model addressing the general problem and the specific narrow case to be supported for the OCTT Wireless Transport (WT) project.
  • Continued working on aligning the TAPI equipment and the WT equipment models. Discussing the use of class vs datatype. So far this did not cause or require any changes in the March Sydney agreements on IDs.
  • Considered feature content for next releases (v1.5 and v2.0) of the TR-512 Core model.
    • Ready to progress: The Party, Location, and Storage models.
    • For F2F discussion (in addition to the items above): Connector/pin/strand enhancement, expected equipment, profiles & template, and Ethernet examples
    • Not ready yet: LTP Port, Identify, OAM models.


  • Fixed the IMSI number length and format in S11 interface between OpenMME and cp.
  • A decision made to setup a testbed inside intel to give the performance testing to the code change in the future. 
  • Besides TCP and UDP, also add function to let ICMP traffic go through the data plane.
  • Old TAPA design and the performance limitation is shared. People can learn a lesson from it and contribute good design to the current mme.
  • The TAU procedure is designed and reviewed by the team.
  • S1AP ppid is added to the SCTP session inside OpenMME, to make our mme work with real base station.
  • For data plane CICD, added time traces to make sure that KNI interfaces are configured when DP is up and running.


  • Ruchi Sahota (Infosys) fixed the group delete command that was picking the wrong group type
  • Harshada Chaundkar (Infosys) fixed a bug in the host store which was not correctly updated when host moves and implemented a new REST API for NextObjective

OTCC (Open Transport Config & Control)

  • TAPI 2.2 Release Candidate 3 was reviewed and approved as is for release.  It incorporates a new Equipment Inventory Service and associated model, as well as updates to OAM and Photonic Media Model.  Thanks to Karthik Sethuraman and the other folks in the TAPI subproject team for their hard work. Special thanks to Nigel Davis for work on the Equipment Model, Andrea Mazzini for work on the OAM service.


  • P4 / Stratum Workshop at ONCon Asia 2019 in Bangalore, led by Brian O'Connor (ONF) with talks from Venkat Pullela (Broadcom) and Prem Jonnalagadda (Barefoot Networks).


  • The 2nd release of SEBA was announced: https://guide.opencord.org/cord-7.0/profiles/seba/install.html

  • ONF and Infosys co-hosted the first ever ONF event in India - Open Networking Conference Asia 2019. 

  • Carmelo Cascone (ONF) and Daniele Moro (ONF intern) contributed a design document for BNG disaggregation in SEBA using P4

  • Daniel Moro (ONF intern) and Carmelo Cascone (ONF) implemented initial support for BNG user plane functionalities in fabric.p4 (part of ONOS)

  • Daniel Moro (ONF intern) fixed an issue affecting the routing of the double tagged direct hosts and improved double tagged filtering objectives using inner vlan id criteria. Charles Chan (ONF) fixed a bug in XConnect REST API

  • Multicast brigade: Esin Karaman (Netsia) improved Multicast adding support for scenarios where router mac is not configured

  • ONOS FCAPS brigade: Vijaykumar, Kartikey and Infosys team continue to add support for statistics from the AAA application. They have also added support for Radius server status.

  • BAL brigade: Jason Huang (Edgecore) added support for upgrade to BAL 3.0. The brigade work is now moving to support of BAL 3.1.


  • Significant progress on the latest demo which is expected to be done by the end of Aug.
  • Significant progress on Test Vector framework for testing P4Runtime and gNMI.
  • Ready to become fully open source by ONF Connect’19.
  • Significant community contributions from Pioneer members and early adopters. Support for ONLP and Tofino has enabled deployment on multiple switching ASICs and platforms
  • Infosys hosted the first-ever Stratum & P4 workshop in Bangalore. Slides from the event can be accessed here


  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) improved the installation of the versatile fwd objectives in the OFDPA pipelines avoiding the accumulation 
  • Sneha Prem (Infosys) fixed a bug affecting the L2 Multicast groups used in the XConnect services


  • Gilles Depatie (Northforge) provided update and estimated timeline for a-test for VOLTHA v2.x
  • Kickoff for stabilization brigade led by David Bainbridge (Ciena)
  • VOLTHA FCAPS Brigade developed preliminary proposals for On-Demand API and Wall-Clock API for PM metrics developed by the VOLTHA FCAPS Brigade; Scott Baker (ONF) presented these to the VOLTHA community for review, comment, and refinement
  • Jason Huang (Edge-Core) provided Edge-Core Driver to work with BAL 3.1 and Qumran SDKs
  • ONOS FCAPS brigade demonstrated AAA status update

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