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ONF Community Highlights: June 2019

Jul 12, 2019
Bill Snow
Bill Snow About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight some of those contributions (and the people) that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities.

Table of Contents

ONF Developer Relations (DevRel)

  • ONF is working on a community recognition plan for ONF Connect. We will soon be asking the communities for recognition recommendations.
  • The Devrel team is focused on re-doing the on-ramp documentation on both the web site and the project wiki sites. This will bring a much more consistent and informative experience to people new to the ONF communities.
  • ONF and DT co-organized the Open Networking Community Meeting in Berlin (agenda, slides). Thanks to Manuel Paul from DT for organizing and hosting. 


IMG 20190606 100952 1024x768 jpg

Certification Brigade

  • CORD TST approved Fabric Switch Test Verification Document.
  • OLT Certification Program - The Brigade kick-started the OLT certification program by coming up with an “Introduction, Scope and more” document with an intention to capture the general guidelines, scope, the if and buts related to the program to keep all interested members in sync. This is a live document and all interested members are welcome to add new items and make comments.


  • Developed initial version of Comac-in-a-Box which can be run on any kind of machines including VM without SR-IOV support for easy dev and testing. Also started to work on End-to-End emulation by integrating OpenAirInterface eNB and UE into OMEC for the minimum functional test.
  • Implemented a COMAC release Jenkins file to automatically deploy/configure COMAC PODs. The Jenkins file includes several steps from ETCD installation steps to XOS deployment steps. It can be used for COMAC CI/CD.
  • Created Grafana dashboards for COMAC Monitoring service for single k8s cluster scenarios.
  • Integrated the latest XOS Helm charts for the first COMAC release. XOS has definitions of each COMAC service (e.g., EPC-CP, EPC-UP, CDN-Local, CDN-Remote). Also, XOS visualizes COMAC service chains according to the service definitions.
  • Started to define the COMAC user plane network by using SR-IOV CNI and work on refactoring ‘mcord-services’ Helm charts for the first release. Also, fixed a minor bug in ‘mcord-setup’ Helm-charts to configure SR-IOV device type.


  • Model registry has been added to allow a complete set of models supported by a device to be registered. This facilitates thorough data validation using the YANG models.
  • Implicit rollback capability was added for the NB gNMI to make sure that configurations made to multiple devices on the network are all committed or that none-of them are.
  • Administrative and diagnostic commands have been enhanced to use the same style interface as Kubernetes, Helm, etc. This supports shell auto-completion and automated usage generation.
  • Integration testing framework (onit) was created to facilitate writing integration tests natively in Go and allowing them to be executed within the context of a Kubernetes installation. On developer machines, this can be done via kind or minikube.
  • CI job has been added to start running the integration tests after each merge commit.
  • Build scheme has been enhanced to be more efficient with time and computing resources when generating docker images for the onos-config system.
  • Stratum/mininet docker image has been incorporated into the integration testing scheme.

CORD Platform

  • Released cordctl v1.1.0 with improvements to formatting and error reporting
  • In XOS GUI, display progress of loading models
  • XOS documentation updates and improvements
  • Released all platform components to prepare for next SEBA release


  • OpenRoadm 2.2 drivers thanks to Ramon Casellas and MetroHaul project
  • Ported ROADM app to GUI2 and bug-fixing thanks to Boyuan Yan and Sean Condon
  • Extended Lumentum ROADM-20 drivers for distributed scenarios thanks to Alessio Giorgetti
  • Initial ADVA Transponder integration thanks to Jakub Harbaczewski
  • Bugfixes and improvements to drivers and NETCONF thanks to Kieran McPeake, Boyuan Yan, Alessio Giorgetti 
  • Continue work on distributed ONOS with ODTN testing thanks to Jordan Halterman
  • TAPI 2.1 Open source emulator thanks to Boyuan Yan
  • Wiki update with full docker based virtual scenario thanks to Boyuan Yan
  • Continue Modulation and FEC implementation design thanks to Sterlite (Puneet and Vishnu)

OIMT (Open Information Modeling & Tooling)

  • Followed up on the action items from the May face-to-face joint OIMT & OTCC Beijing meeting.
  • Held an OTCC and OIMT joint “virtual face-to-face” for one day to continue detailed technical discussion on TAPI 3.0 issues.
  • Started planning for the September CA meeting. Confirmed on the date (September 9-13) and host/venue (Cisco campus).
  • Worked on the Profile & Template model addressing the general problem and the specific narrow case to be supported for the OCTT Wireless Transport (WT) project. (6/13 OIMT
  • Worked on aligning the TAPI equipment and the WT equipment models. Discussing the use of class vs datatype.
  • Worked on the update to the state model (TR-512.3) addressing entity state in the complex supporting/dependent relationship, and considering multi-level abstraction in TAPI, including alternate abstraction. 
  • On the UML to YANG mapping, discussed and agreed on the rule of mapping UML navigable association-ends to YANG. Discussed the use of the “when” statement, which is needed for TAPI 2.2 and WT.


  • Fixed the wrong MSISDN number show up in S11 interface.
  • Added PTI (procedure transaction identity) feature for S1AP messages.
  • Ashok from Intel shared the OpenMME performance design documents. The open mme improvement design will be based on this.
  • OpenMME design model was reviewed.
  • OpenMME code will need to be re-structured for better software engineering - Code constants, extensibility.


  • ONOS now supports Java 11, i.e. building and running with JDK 11
  • The internal ONOS OSGI implementation was upgraded to Apache Karaf 4.2.6
  • ONOS builds were upgraded to use bazel 0.27
  • Nikolai Merinov (Inango-Systems) fixed data packet deserialization when Ethernet frames have the payload less than 46 bytes
  • The image size of the ONOS Docker was reduced to simplify building and reduce download times
  • Anton Lin (ONF intern) created an application registry that allows users to register their own applications. The portal has a table GUI and REST API and is backed by a GitHub repository.
  • Arnav Jain (ONF intern) enhanced the application subsystem to allow listing applications that have been registered and are compatible with the running version of ONOS. Additional enhancements are being made to the ONOS CLI and REST API to allow easy installation of applications from the registry.

OTCC (Open Transport Config & Control)

  • Karthik Sethuraman has issued TAPI 2.2 Release Candidate 2 and plans to approve TAPI 2.2 in July
  • OTCC and OIMT held a joint face-to-face meeting in Beijing in May, thanks to the sponsorship of China Mobile and the efforts of Weiqiang Cheng.  Following on the face-to-face, OTCC and OIMT had a joint “virtual face-to-face” for one day to continue detailed technical discussion on TAPI 3.0 issues.  Thanks to Nigel Davis and Kam Lam for organizing the session.



  • Multicast brigade: Esin Karaman (Netsia) and Shekhar Aryan (Infosys) improved Multicast adding support for sinks that are not tied with any host.
  • Tech Profiles brigade (NEM) completed the work required for the SEBA 2.0 release - many thanks to Infosys team - Selva, Hardik, and Vignesh
  • ONOS FCAPS brigade completed work to check and report RADIUS server status to NEM - thanks to Infosys team - Vijaykumar and Kartikey
  • Bug fixes were submitted by Girish Gowdru (Radisys) towards VOLTHA 1.7 for the SEBA 2.0 release
  • ONF team was feverishly working towards a SEBA 2.0 release
  • SEBA was featured in several talks at the Berlin meetup https://onfstaging1.opennetworking.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/2019-Berlin-Agenda-New-Version.pdf


  • First Stratum Workshop in India announced for July 24th in Bengaluru
  • Ravi Chalamcharla (Broadcom) and Max Pudelko (ONF) have been working hard to get the SDKLT wrapper ready for the community


  • Kalicharan Vuppala (Infosys) identified NS/NA processing during host location update taking long time due to single threaded implementation from scaled solution testing.
  • Ruchi Sahota (Infosys) supported minimizing DHCP Relay logging.
  • Harshada Chaundkar (Infosys) started working on FPM acceptRoute feature (in progress)
  • Ravi Dewangan (Infosys) improved Link discovery mechanism, eliminating false Link vanishing issue at high scale
  • ONF team have contributed various fixes for issues seen at scale


  • David Bainbridge (Ciena) provided a demo of voltctl - Watch here
  • Onkar Kundargi (Sterlite) provided a demo of retrieval of optical readings from ONT - View here
  • Ganesh Bhure (Sterlite) provided demo of the kafka topic exporter - See the demo
  • Significant progress on BAL 3.0 brigade
  • VOLTHA TST approved formation of a VOLTHA v.20 stabilization brigade
  • VOLTHA TST elections for 3 positions (due to expiring terms)
    • Thank you to Shad Ansari (ONF), Sergio Slobodrian (Ciena), and Don Newton (AT&T) for the service and guidance on the VOLTHA TST over this past year
    • Welcome and congrats to Saurav Das (ONF), Matt Jeanneret (AT&T), and Khen Nursimulu (Ciena) as they join Shaun Missett (Radisys) and Chip Boling (Tibit) on the VOLTHA TST

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