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ONF Community Highlights: December 2019 – January 2020

Feb 6, 2020
Ain Indermitte
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December 2019 - January 2020

Table of Contents (alphabetical)

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations

Ambassador Program

  • Have you considered representing ONF at various industry events? Do you like presenting to and mingling with like-minded people to advance the mission of ONF? If yes, why not join the ONF Ambassador Program. Check out the details here. We support our ambassadors participating in industry events representing ONF, check out the budget request details here. For a list of recent events by our ambassadors, click here.
  • Most recently, we welcomed three new ambassadors:
    • Ricardo Girnis Tombi works at Universidade São Judas e Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia as a professor. He is based in Brazil and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English. He has recently been focusing on optical networks.
    • Scott Swail works at Lumentum as the VP of business development. He is based in the US. He has recently been focusing on ODTN, ONOS, and TIP projects.
    • Huai-Wen Hsu works at Edgecore Networks as an Engineer. He is based in Taiwan and speaks Mandarin and English. He has recently been focusing on ONOS applications and various PoCs.
  • In January we completed our annual Ambassador check-in to capture and celebrate the highlights from each ambassador in 2019 and to hear about all their plans for 2020.


  • Nokia shipped two ocp servers to ONF. Mobile team started to set up SPGWU and CU of the enodeb to check whether OMEC can work with the ocp server or not. If yes, ONF will take those servers to the OCP conference to give a show for OMEC.
  • Added an apn feature to handle when phones do not send out any apn during the attach procedure. This feature can also handle, when the phones send out unknown apn.
  • We are preparing to attend MWC, purchase spectrum, electricity, set down the location of the terminal of the satellite, etc.
  • Automated license check tool Fossa with jenkins, team started with openmme repo and multiple branches, then will automate more repos under OMEC.
  • SGWC does not need to know the MME address while starting. This address configuration dependency is removed.
  • MME does not need to know the SGW address in the configuration. Now even if SGW/PGW hostname is provided in the configuration then MME resolves the hostname to ip address.
  • Subscriber monitoring framework is available. This framework provides a REST api which can be used to pull the subscribers from the MME.
  • Fixed the critical bug that packets from UPF dropped by driver for spoofing.
  • Finished setting up one more Aether control plane in Azure for MWC demo.
  • Finished setting up MWC Edge pod and connected it to Aether control planes running in Google Cloud and Azure via VPN. Also verified serving two networks, CBRS and Band7, in the single Edge.
  • Started writing Edge site admin guide.
  • Started deploying Intel Edge.

Developer Relations

  • In November we started our infrastructure renewal project where we are consolidating various tools like Crowd, Wiki, Jira, etc. into single ONF instances. We have now completed the Crowd consolidation project and are starting to work on Wiki consolidation.
  • SEBA Surge is in full swing and we are working with the community participants to energize the SEBA community and improve productivity. Several previously inactive SEBA Surge team members have started to contribute to the project. This is what our community is all about!
  • Save the date - ONF SEBA/VOLTHA Surge Team Meetup will take place April 27-30 in Berlin, Germany, hosted by DT. This is a technical event targeted to all SEBA/VOLTHA team members, including developers.
  • Save the date - ONF Community Meetup 2020 - Europe will take place June 2-3 in the Hague, Netherlands, hosted by KPN. This is an architecture and business focused event.


  • Onkar Kundargi from Sterlite continues work on a NEM Proxy to allow querying On Demand statistics. Onkar’s presentation is available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByNU8RKrRaxUTGFxZFN6WDdNZ19DbHV2OHMwTDdoZ0o5MUhR
  • Ganesh Bhure from Sterlite completed integration of the Kafka-Topic-Exporer and the Redfish Importer, making periodic Redfish data available at the NEM level.
  • Infosys started developing multi-site support for XOS services.


  • Integrated ONOS with GNPy Optical planning tool for optical path performance optimization. Thanks to the team from GNPy, in particular Gert Grammel, Vittorrio Curri, Esther Le Rouzic, Jan Kudràt, and also to Andrea Campanella at ONF. If you want to see a demo of the GNPy integration the video is here.
  • Performed Openconfig code behavior consolidation to avoid code proliferation and multiple bug fixes. Thanks to the team at PALC Networks, in particular Kingston Selvaraj and Sudeep Desai.
  • Integrated bit error rate (BER) retrieval for both pre and post forward error correction (FEC) values, thanks to the team at Sterlite.
  • Merged the CzechLight Roadm Drivers, extending ONOS capabilities, thanks to Jan Kundràt from Cesnet.
  • Revamped the Alarm capabilities in ONOS, reintroducing the alarm GUI ported to GUI2, thanks to Sena Condon at ONF, and integrating an Openconfig Behavior for translating alarms thanks to Ivan Eroshkin at Nokia.


  •  Conducted a 3-day virtual meeting on December 10-12 covering the modeling topics:
    • Model structure, including aggregate and bounded context.
    • The Party and Location models.
    • The OAM model.
    • Operation pattern and the Streaming model.
  • Ongoing modeling works:
    • TAPI streaming model, which is an extension to the lightweight Core streaming model. The model includes the UML model, the YANG generated using the Eagle tool, and the data dictionary generated from the Gendoc tool.
    • ConstraintDomain.
    • Address concerns using ProcessingConstruct as VNF.
    • OAM of MEP & MIP.


  • ONF and Infosys teams have fixed following issues in production:
    • FlowStatsCollector being terminated and not restarted.
    • InnerVlan, tpid and suspended bit are not correctly set when creating Host instance.
    • Switch disconnects from part of the ONOS cluster due to the dispatcher being terminated.
    • VERIFY flow objective timeout caused by missing groups in the GroupStore.
  • William Davies (Infosys) added an option to the groups command to return only unreferenced groups.
  • Charles Chan (ONF) implemented CLI/REST for auxiliary locations and introduced HOST_AUX_MOVED event to signify the change of auxiliary location.
  • Gamze Abaka (NETSIA)
    • Implemented Multi-TCONT support in OltPipeline.
    • Fixed a bug in the MeterStore for which meters were not properly handled during stats update and removal.
  • DongRyeol Cha (Samsung)
    • Improved link discovery using parallel stream.
  • ONOS 2.3 was released at the end of January.
  • Design and early prototype work started on the RAN subsystem for µONOS.


  • Andrea Mazzini (Nokia) has now taken on co-leadership of the TAPI subproject, as well as previously being the lead contributor on OAM and liaison to MEF.
    • The OIF is discussing a possible TAPI-based interop demonstration for the fall of 2020.
  • The Wireless Transport subproject has been renamed the 5G-xHaul subproject.
    • Many thanks to Martin Skorupski for leading the calls for the subproject



  • SEBA surge activity Oct-Dec resulted in the VOLTHA 2.2 release.
  • Release notes and statistics from the Surge activity.
  • SEBA-In-A-Box has been updated to deploy Stratum BMv2 (instead of OVS) and with preliminary support for SD-BNG. Documentation available here.
  • Girish Kumar, Divya Desai, and Rohan Agrawal from Infosys have completed their design document for comprehensive control of voltha logging using etcd as a configuration store and are busy implementing the new features. Design document is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LYVwnHrSaszNwUvYinU4lJB592SO7p6EP6_wBfiioSY


  • Abhilash Endurthi (ONF), You Wang (ONF), and the Stratum community launched an open source test framework called TestVectors along with an initial set of test cases.
  • Craig Stevens (Dell) and Max Pudelko (ONF) merged the Open Network Linux-based platform manager (PHAL), filling the last big missing piece in the platform manager architecture.
  • The PLVision team presented a proposal for supporting packet transponders (like Edgecore CASSINI) using Stratum along with an initial implementation.
  • Kamal Bhatt (Stordis), Habeeb Mohammed (Inventec), and Yi Tseng (ONF) fixed a number of issues with platform support.


  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) has fixed following issues in production with help from Infosys team:
    • Host with wrong VLAN being learnt in OVS emulated environment.
    • Multiple ONOS instances trying to program when the host moves.
    • Access ports on unpaired leaves being disabled when uplinks are all down.
    • Wrong ECMP rehashing strategy.
  • Charles Chan (ONF) adopted auxiliary location (see ONOS update for detail) when programming hosts in Trellis.
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