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ONF Launches SD-RAN v1.4 as First Open Source Release

Mar 15, 2022
Saurav Das
Saurav Das About the author

The SD-RAN community is pleased to announce the release of SD-RAN v1.4. This is the first Apache licensed open-source release, which has been made possible after incubating the project for over a year under the ONF Member only license. All code repositories, helm-charts and documentation are now Apache licensed and available to the community regardless of ONF membership.

The highlights of this release for the RIC platform include the implementation of the O-RAN A1 interface and significant improvements to the onos-config microservice in preparation for a comprehensive O1 interface implementation in upcoming releases.

3rd party integration with xApps from RIMEDO Labs and Intel Labs are supported, and 5G-SA gNBs from Sercomm. A summary of the use-cases, xApps, SMs and their support in this release on various platforms is shown below.

Use Case xApps Service Model (developed by) Radisys disaggregated 5G SA CU/DU Sercomm 5G-SA gNB Whitebox LTE CU/DU RANSim
KPI Monitoring onos-kpimon, fb-kpimon, fb-ah KPM v2 (O-RAN) E2-AP v1.0.1 E2-AP v1.0.1 E2-AP v2.0 E2-AP v2.0
PCI Conflict Resolution onos-pci, fb-ah RC-PRE v2 (ONF / FB / AirHop / Radisys) E2-AP v1.0.1 E2-AP v2.0
Mobility Load Balancing (MLB) onos-mlb, fb-ah RC-PRE v2 (ONF / FB / AirHop / Radisys) E2-AP v1.0.1 E2-AP v2.0
Mobile Handover (MHO) onos-mho, Intel CM-xapp MHO v1 (ONF/FB/Intel) E2-AP v2.0
RAN Slice Management onos-rsm RSM v1 (ONF) E2-AP v2.0
Policy driven Traffic Steering rimedo-ts MHO v2 (ONF/FB/Intel/Rimedo-Labs) E2-AP v2.0


Read the details about SD-RAN v1.4  in the release notes on the SD-RAN documentation site. Anyone is invited to join the SD-RAN Community Meeting on Thursday, March 17th at 9am Pacific Time, which will include a discussion of the SD-RAN v1.4 release along with a demonstration of the Traffic Steering xApp from RIMEDO Labs.


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