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ONF Spotlight – Broadband Wrap-Up

Jul 22, 2020
Denise Barton
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The ONF Spotlight - Broadband virtual event took place on July 7th and 8th with presentations and discussions focused on how broadband infrastructures are evolving by leveraging open source solutions to meet increasing demand. It was highlighted by lively operator keynote presentations on each of these days by executives from Deutsche Telekom and Turk Telekom as well as ONF, followed by engaging roundtable discussion that explored some of their experiences and benefits in embracing an open source strategy. 

ONF Spotlight - Broadband also included an additional 15 engaging pre-recorded technical presentations, operator and vendor panels and a demonstration, by industry experts, including BT, Telefonica, Google Fiber, Argela Technologies, Edgecore, Radisys, Netsia, Dell EMC and Infosys. 

All of the video presentations and slides from this event are available now on-demand! Register now to view all the engaging video presentations and slides.


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Aseem Parikh, VP Solutions & Partnerships, ONF

“World’s $1T Broadband Moment!”

The presentation offered a high-level perspective of broadband over the past few years and more recently, with the advent of COVID-19 which has accelerated demand. In most places around the globe people are being forced to change their day-to-day behaviors and leverage the Internet for remote work, education, health and entertainment. Over the next 10-years, investments in ultra broadband represent a $1T opportunity with massive public and private investments. Commercial deployments among tier 1 operators have proven that open networking is an optimal path to universal broadband. 


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Jochen Appel, VP, Tribe Leader Fixed & Mobile Data Platforms, Deutsche Telekom

“Deutsche Telekom’s Fixed Access Disaggregation & Softwarization Strategy”

An informative overview of Deutsche Telekom’s strategy for transforming its broadband ecosystem from closed to open, leveraging disaggregation and softwarization to eliminate vendor lock in and allow best in class product selection. It offers insight into the challenges and lessons learned as well as the broad range of open source communities and standards organizations in which DT has actively engaged with on this journey. It concludes with an introduction to DT’s Access 4.0 program, the cornerstone of their roadmap to reduce costs of broadband access and make it open in the future for a converged fixed access and mobile access architecture.


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Robert Soukup, Senior Program Manager, Deutsche Telekom

“Productization & Roll-out of SEBA / VOLTHA”

The presentation delivers a deeper dive into Deutsche Telekom’s Access 4.0 architecture and rollout timeline, as well as the critical role of the ONF ecosystem as part of this initiative. The current access network uses FTTC/FTTH with a two-tiered central office architecture that leverages ONF’s SEBA. With 8,000 tier 2 central offices serving approximately 30,000 customers, where they will deploy mini data centers that are spatially distributed but logically one, providing enhanced broadband access performance and flexibility to evolve as needed. 


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Saurav Das, VP Engineering, ONF

"SEBA's Evolution in 2020 and Looking Forward"

An overview about SEBA developments which underwent a significant transformation as part of the ‘SEBA Surge’, which took place over a period of six months and combined the efforts of more than 40 developers in over 10 organizations. This effort was focused on accelerating the readiness of SEBA for production network deployments. 

Going forward: Upcoming VOLTHA 2.4 release highlights include support for AT&T, DT and TT workflows; in-band control of OLTs; GPON OLT support; ONOS app clustering support. Planned VOLTHA areas of enhancements are on test automation which will be incorporated into the ONF Continuous Certification Program; scale and performance enhancements; and a wide range of new features planned.


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Süleyman Çimen, Fixed Access Systems Architectural Manager, Türk Telekom

“Türk Telekom Access Network Virtualization Journey”

This presentation provides a high-level overview of Turk Telekom’s two SEBA deployments in Turkey and plans for ongoing commercial site integration of SEBA within TT’s network that connects more than 49 million subscribers. It includes a description of the building blocks of TT’s SEBA central management which sits between the OSS/BSS layer and SEBA edge management, providing essential functions such as central API gateway, authentication and authorization, and performance and alarm management.


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Cemil Soylu, Fixed Access Network Senior Architect, Türk Telekom

“Türk Telekom Access Network Virtualization Journey”

An in-depth discussion of Turk Telekom’s access vision using virtualization and disaggregation to build access networks on a common infrastructure to meet future needs using ONF’s SEBA/VOLTHA. TT is deploying a multi-access edge cloud vision in the central office to enable autonomous networking, leveraging CI/CD principles and closed loop automation. They envision moving towards convergence of fixed, mobile and cloud infrastructures at different levels that utilize disaggregation and white box hardware to enable new services such as AR, VR, …. The conclusion highlights the Turk Telekom access network roadmap and 2020 SEBA/VOLTHA development requirements underway.

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ONF Spotlight is a virtual series that delivers the insights you need to stay on top of the fast growing open source movement for building next generation mobile and broadband infrastructures. This forum incorporates a combination of virtual live and on-demand content accessible from anywhere in the world enabling access to a broad audience. Join us for upcoming events and consider participating by submitting a speaking proposal. 

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