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ONOS Tutorial and Demo at IEEE NFV-SDN Conference

Nov 29, 2022
Alessio Giorgetti
Alessio Giorgetti About the author

The IEEE Conference, organized by the IEEE Communication Society, on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks was held on November 14-16 in Chandler, Arizona.  

ONOS Tutorial 2022 300x196 jpegThe tutorial took place on November 14th, wherein Alessio Giorgetti, CNR Researcher at IEIIT Institute, Italy) delivered a four-hours tutorial on “Networking Applications Development and Testing with ONOS SDN Controller”, which proposed a practical approach starting from the deployment of the SDN environment using the ONF’s ONOS open-source SDN controller. The tutorial included a hands-on session to assist students in the development of some example network applications on top of the ONOS SDN controller.


ONOS Best Demo 2022 300x235 jpegOn November 15th, Alessandro Pacini, a PhD candidate student at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna tutored by Dr. Giorgetti, presented a demonstration titled "Enabling Event-based Hierarchical Synchronization in SDN ONOS Clusters". The work received the "Best Demo Award" among all demos presented at the conference, and proposed a hierarchical solution to scale the SDN approach to big heterogeneous networks. The demo presented an implementation of a resilient hierarchical synchronization system for SDN ONOS controller clusters. Specifically, two applications were designed and developed to be used respectively at child clusters and the parent cluster to propagate network topology events over dedicated gRPC channels. Therefore, topological views of all the considered child domains are kept synchronized at the parent despite possible control plane failures. This work represents a novel solution specifically designed for hierarchical synchronization in ONOS clusters.

Co-Authors of the Demo:

  • Alessandro Pacini
  • Davide Scano
  • Andrea Sgambelluri
  • Luca Valcarenghi
  • Alessio Giorgetti


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