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#SDNShowcase: SDN in Action

Oct 7, 2015
Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer About the author

What inspired ONF’s SDN Solutions Showcase? Rick Bauer provides insights on the event and shares what to expect in Dusseldorf.

Layer-123_GermanyWe are excited about our upcoming SDN Solutions Showcase at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress! This will mark our fourth event where we bring together examples of real-world SDN implementations showing various network applications, many with end user participation. In order to understand why we hold these Showcases, it is important to answer the question of “Why SDN now?”

SDN is arguably the biggest change in networking within the past three decades, and as with most change, it can be hard. Some argue that the industry isn’t quite ready for SDN because it is still maturing. We at ONF see things differently. SDN makes networks more agile, gives network operators more control, and it is cost-effective, making it ideal for the nature of today’s high-bandwidth, dynamic applications. The industry is at a tipping point where SDN is no longer a potential networking game-changer; it is now real and being leveraged in various areas of networks today.

We have created our SDN Solutions Showcase to show the real-world progress happening in the industry, bringing together vendors and end users to show how they are implementing, deploying, and leveraging SDN within their actual networks. Attendees will have the chance to watch SDN in action with themed demonstrations that address a multitude of applications such as carrier WAN, data center, campus, NFV, and testing and interoperability. They’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how SDN is being adopted and, potentially, a few ideas about how SDN can help their companies as well.

The SDN Solutions Showcase will be held at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in Dusseldorf on October 13-14 from 8:00-19:20 CEST, October 15 from 8:00-18:00 CEST, and October 16 from 8:00-14:00 CEST.

We hope to see you there!

- Rick Bauer, Director of Technical Programs

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Rick Bauer