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Telefónica Manages 40k Microwave 5G Backhaul Systems using TR-532 Standard Management Interface

Feb 1, 2022
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Mobile network automation presents a significant opportunity for the telecom industry to further reduce cost and improve service quality. With thousands of network elements, the radio access network is a prime area of focus for automation innovation by mobile operators today.

An essential component of modern mobile network deployments, microwave links provide a cost efficient, rapid deployment option to connect radio units that can be sited for optimal coverage and performance. As 5G networks continue to grow, this flexibility becomes more important and the volume and complexity of mobile backhaul continues to increase, placing ever more value on mobile network automation.

Achieving automation of microwave transmission requires a standardized management interface. The information and data models developed by the ONF OTCC 5G-xHaul community resulted in a reference implementation integrating 40,000 microwave devices into an Open Daylight Controller, operating in the Telefónica production network.

All microwave devices in Telefónica’s mobile backhaul network are now accessible via a single harmonised API (ONF TR-532), which is the key enabler of a microservices architecture.

Special thanks to the ONF OTCC 5G-xHaul group contributors and the partners of Telefónica: Ericsson, highstreet technologies, Huawei, NEC, Nokia, SIAE Microelettronica, Telefónica, TechMahindra, ZTE

Authored by ONF OTCC 5G-xhaul Community

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