ONF Spring 2014 PlugFest

ONF Spring 2014 PlugFest
May 12–16, 2014
InCNTRE’s SDN Interoperability Lab (Indianapolis, Indiana) and BII Global SDN Testing and Certification Center (Beijing, China)

ONF-symbol-medThe fifth Open Networking Foundation Interoperability PlugFest event will be hosted concurrently at InCNTRE and BII. This will be the first time the ONF PlugFest has been held outside the US and the third time the InCNTRE lab will host the event. The semi-annual PlugFests are designed to drive interoperability, deployment, and commercialization of SDN and the OpenFlow® Protocol.

The event is open to ONF members (and partner Universities) only. Press and other media are not invited unless by special arrangement. The cost of the event will be covered by ONF membership. Companies cover their own travel and shipping expenses.


While there is no participation fee, you must register to attend, as this is a private, *member-only* event. Participation is limited to 55 participants.

If you are an ONF Member please login to ARO to access the registration page.
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