Open Tech Ireland: An SDN Gathering

June 30, 2014 | Dublin, Ireland 

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open software-defined networking (SDN), will co-host Open Tech Ireland: An SDN Gathering, along with IDA Ireland. This event offers a significant opportunity for the nation’s software companies to leverage SDN development capabilities and resources.

In addition to ONF and IDA Ireland, Open Tech Ireland: An SDN Gathering is being presented in co-operation with the Irish Software Association, Intune Networks, KEMP Technologies, and Sanctum Networks. The symposium is designed to be a gathering of international SDN luminaries, Irish companies already on the leading edge of SDN, employees of multinational companies with facilities in Ireland, and energetic entrepreneurs and investors.

Attendees will participate in a one-day exchange of ideas and updates, including an event programme featuring presentations from network operators, early innovators, and funding sources.

Open Tech Ireland: An SDN Gathering will focus on answering your questions around SDN, with keynotes from Bethany Mayer (HP), Axel Clauberg (Deutsche Telecom), Dan Pitt (ONF), John Kenevey (Facebook), Neil Viljoen (Netronome), Mike Weintraub (Verizon), and many more.