The New IP

February 19, 2015 | San Jose, Calif.

The New IPIn February, Light Reading is hosting a unique summit providing network architects and CTOs from around the world with exactly the information they need to formulate a successful – and profitable – strategy based on “The New IP” technology.

There’s a revolution taking place in today’s IP networks. Around the world, leading service providers are using the latest technology to convert their IP infrastructure from a costly mesh – and mess – of routed ports ‘n’ pipes into intelligent virtualized networks that both save money on capex (capital expenditure) and opex (operational expenditure), and make money by enabling new content-driven services and applications.

In communications terms, that’s a historic shift, and one that turns the traditional view of “what constitutes an IP network” upside down (even the terminology used to describe the IP network is changing – from “cost per routed port” to “income per application”).

What hasn’t changed is that IP, now more than ever, is the lingua franca of global communications networks. That means that service providers and enterprises – as well as a number of other fast-growing markets, including municipalities, utilities, healthcare and financial services – must plan their migration to “The New IP” now.