TM Forum Digital Disruption 2013

October 28-31, 2013 / San Jose, CA

TM ForumThe digital revolution is disrupting every industry; constantly creating new possibilities and challenges. The first wave was aimed at consumers. The second, a larger wave, is focused on enterprises and premium consumers who want to use cloud-based capabilities to extend their reach, reduce their costs and create new and innovative services for their customers.

TM Forum is the leading global trade association focused on digital services. TM Forum lives and breathes the issues of service providers to help them solve their business challenges. Digital Disruption 2013 is ready to help you understand the opportunities and challenges of delivering profitable services in today’s disruptive market. You’ll engage with and learn from the experiences of over 150 speakers – the industry’s foremost experts – and have a chance to network with more than 1000 other new business partners, clients and colleagues!