SDN Solutions Showcase @ ONS 2015

The first-ever SDN Solutions Showcase was held in Dusseldorf, Germany at the SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress. Following the success of this event, which included participation from 22 ONF member companies, we are delighted to announce our next SDN Solutions Showcase to be held at the Open Networking Summit (ONS) from June 15-18 in Santa Clara, California.

More information on the Solutions Showcase can be found at

Themes & Demos


Carrier SDNWANCarrier/WAN SDN


SDN controllers can now function effectively in optical networks and we are witnessing great gains in performance, cost efficiency, and capability in these deployments of Carrier and WAN SDN solutions. These solutions will demonstrate how SDN is changing carrier Ethernet and its services by lowering costs, increasing management control, and reducing solution complexity and speed to deployment. More info.


participant carrier onosparticipant carrier attparticipant carrier fujitsuparticipant carrier ciena


participant carrier huaweiparticipant carrier spirentparticipant carrier corsa


Multilayer SDN control of packet and optical networks



participant carrier huaweiparticipant carrier bupt


Open Transport SDN Platform and APP Store



participant carrier onosparticipant carrier internet2


participant carrier brocadeparticipant carrier juniper


Seamless peering of SDN islands with IP (with ONOS and SDN-IP)



participant carrier huaweiparticipant carrier sedonaparticipant carrier telefonica


participant data ciscoparticipant carrier juniperparticipant carrier ciena


Multi-vendor IP & Optical orchestration based on Open SDN Architecture



participant carrier nttparticipant carrier nec


Abstraction and Scalability for Carrier Transport SDN



“Data CentersData Center SDN


Internet content providers like Facebook and Google are already using SDN to improve hyperscale data center connectivity. How can less hyperscale deployments still take advantage of SDN in data centers? These solutions look at SDN deployment, orchestration, cloud integration, and gateway management. More info.


participant carrier onfparticipant data atrium


SDN Distribution for Network Operators



participant data ocparticipant data ciscoparticipant data avi


Rich Network Services based on SDN/NFV Model in a Federated Public Cloud



participant data kulloudparticipant data pica


PRISM Edge — A new approach to data center gateway



participant data ecodeparticipant data teneno


SDN Orchestration by Abstraction



“Enterprise”Enterprise SDN


A majority of U.S. businesses are preparing to implement SDN products in the data center by 2017 in order to reduce networking costs.These demos feature SDN solutions deployed to meet the challenges of major pain points in the enterprise—the management of Wi-Fi demand, and the provision and QoS management of VOIP solutions using the inherent power of SDN. More info.


participant enterprise necparticipant enterprise microsoftparticipant enterprise dell


Assuring Quality of Service for Real-Time applications using SDN



participant enterprise tallacparticipant enterprise brocadeparticipant enterprise elbrys


Transforming how Service Providers deliver Networking-as-a-service to Enterprise customers using SDN and Cloud





There is great interest about how NFV is providing new and exciting virtual network functions (VNFs) that could radically change the way services and applications are delivered. There are many questions about NFV orchestration, management, and migration paths from traditional network management to full-blown NFV. These demonstrations feature several important building blocks and complete solutions that demonstrate both the promise and potential of NFV. More info.


participant nfv universityparticipant nfv bisdn


Exploring the Service/Orchestrator Interaction: Secure and dynamic deployment of services based on identity



participant nfv luxoftparticipant nfv certesparticipant nfv qosmos


NFV Orchestration for SLA guaranteed services in Virtualized Data Center



participant nfv ubiqubeparticipant nfv juniperparticipant nfv orange


Hybrid Legacy SDN NFV Service Orchestration — 3 End-to-end Service Chaining



participant nfv onosparticipant nfv att


CORD: Central Office Re-Architected as Datacenter



participant nfv onosparticipant nfv attparticipant nfv onf


participant nfv dellparticipant nfv inmon


CORD: Open-source spine-leaf Fabric



“Security”SDN Security


SDN architecture may enable, facilitate or enhance network-related security applications due to the controller’s central view of the network, and its capacity to reprogram the data plane at any time. These demonstrations focus on ways that SDN technologies provide unique defensive capabilities in securing today’s networks.
More info.


participant security telus


SDN-Based Denial of Service Attack Mitigation



“TestingValidation”SDN Testing


Understanding, deploying, and managing SDN in today’s networks gives more control to operators, and opens up new ways to understand and manage network performance. Along with these opportunities, understanding how to measure performance and debug applications becomes even more paramount a skillset to secure. These demos provide unique solutions to developing insight into network performance in SDN environments. More info.


participant testing spirentparticipant testing brocade


Benchmarking the SDN Controller



participant testing flowgrammableparticipant testing onf


Flowsim — Accelerating Open SDN Advancements