Open Transport*

The Open Transport project will address SDN and OpenFlow® Standard-based control capabilities for transport technologies of different types, including optical and wireless transport.  The work will include identifying and addressing different use cases, defining the application of SDN architecture and information modeling to transport networks, and defining standard SDN interfaces for transport networks, including OpenFlow® protocol extensions and transport controller APIs.

* formerly Optical Transport

CHAIR: Lyndon Ong (Ciena)
VICE CHAIRS: Vishnu Shukla (Verizon), Maarten Vissers (Huawei), Karthik Sethuraman (NEC), Giorgio Cazzaniga (SM Optics)

Resources & Publications

pdfMicrowave Information Model (December 2016 | TR-532)
pdfFunctional Requirements for Transport API (June 2016 | TR-527)
pdfSDN Architecture for Transport Networks (March 2016 | TR-522)
pdfOptical Transport Working Group Charter

pdfOpenFlow-enabled Transport SDN
pdfOptical Transport Use Cases
pdfRequirements Analysis for Transport OpenFlow/SDN
Optical_Transport_Protocol_Extensions_V1.0.pdf (April 2015)