Dr. Indermohan Monga – Chief Technologist and Area Lead, Energy Sciences Network

Indermohan MongaRESEARCH ASSOCIATES CHAIR — Dr. Indermohan (Inder) S. Monga serves as the Chief Technologist and Area Lead of network engineering, tools and research at Energy Sciences Network. Mr. Monga plays a key role in developing and deploying advanced networking services for collaborative and distributed “big-data” science. He has helped contribute to multiple standards in the distributed systems community with currently active roles as the co-chair of the Network Services Interface working group in the Open Grid Forum. He also drives a number of initiatives in the global research and education community and is the co-chair of the Next-Generation Architecture and Distributed Topology Exchange working group at Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) consortium.

Mr. Monga’s research interests include network virtualization, software-defined networking, energy efficiency and distributed computing. Recently, he is working actively on research and technology development that focuses towards the broad adoption of SDN in the wide-area network including recent work on Transport SDN. He currently holds 17 patents and has over 15 years of industry and research experience in telecommunications and data networking at Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks, and Nortel.

He earned his undergraduate degree in electrical/electronics engineering from Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India, before graduate studies at Boston University’s EECS Department.