Linda Dunbar – Engineer, Huawei

linda dunbarLinda Dunbar is a Distinguished Engineer and Technical Leader in the Advanced Technology Group of Huawei Fixed Network Business Unit which delivers nearly $8B in annual revenue for the company. She is currently responsible for leading the SDN/NFV architecture development for large-scale cloud data centers and network services.

Linda led the initiative in launching the ONF L4-L7 group, and is currently serving as the chair to ONF L4-L7 group. Linda is also actively contributing to IETF SFC, NVO3, TRILL, InterArea, and OpArea. She serves as the IETF OpsArea Directorate and the secretary to IETF TSV area. A few years ago she was a co-chair to IETF ARMD, and was actively contributing to IEEE802.1, MEF, and OIF. Linda is the editor to several RFCs.

Besides the industry standard activities, Linda has worked for Huawei/Cisco/Nortel/Fujitsu with responsibility ranging from product planning to product development over last 20 years.