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Community Highlights February 2019

Mar 4, 2019
Bill Snow
Bill Snow About the author

Here at the ONF we have so much going on that at times we fail to step back and acknowledge all the amazing contributions from across our various communities. We want to take a moment to highlight some of those contributions (and the people) that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. You can click on the links below to jump to a particular project.

We are looking for a volunteer from each community to help create this post regularly. If you are willing to volunteer contact Bill Snow (bill@onfstaging1.opennetworking.org).

ONF Developer Relations (DevRel)

Bill Snow, Andrea Campanella, Brian O’Connor, Charles Chan of ONF are driving an effort to improve the developer experience at ONF. This activity is currently focused on improving:

  • Onboarding of developers for companies working on partner field trial and production deployments
  • Recognition of community members in all project communities - this blog post is the first of a monthly post highlighting activities in the project communities
  • Documentation of web sites and wikis for consistency and ease of navigation - with the goal of making it easier for developers to find the information they need
  • Ambassador program

We are looking for people in each community who want to help with onboarding, documentation, recognition, creation/editing of information about the community - if you are interested, contact any of the people above to get involved.


  • At the Feb 12th VOLTHA community call Amit Ghosh from Radisys led a discussion on a go based Open OLT adapter. Meeting recording here.
  • At the Feb 21 VOLTHA meeting Matt Jeanneret from AT&T gave a demo of running openolt and openonu registering with the new core. The meeting recording can be found here.
  • A new adapter containerization brigade has been formed and meets on Mondays 7:30-8:30AM PST. See the CORD public calendar for information.
  • Two other brigades - one to add Tech and speed profile features, and the other to improve BBSim scale - continue to make progress.


  • In the February 12th SEBA call, Cemil Soylu from Turk Telekom discussed the TT Workflow for SEBA. Details of the workflow can be found here.
  • In the February 19th SEBA call Saurav Das from ONF gave an overview of jira tickets to be addressed making it easy for community to see how they can get involved with SEBA. You can view the meeting recording here.
  • Abdulhalim Dandoush had a tutorial  "SEBA: SDN Enabled Broadband Access as next-generation access solutions for the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) ecosystem"  accepted for IEEE NetSoft 2019.
  • Numerous improvements by Andy Bavier (ONF) have been made to Seba-in-a-Box reliability, making it a more useful environment for exploring CORD services.


  • A number of scale related issues were identified at Comcast and fixed by ONF and the Trellis community, including DHCP handling, ONOS cluster stability, and performance tuning the deployment environment. More details can be found here.

    Special thanks to

    • Hariprasad Rajendran and Kalicharan Vuppala (Infosys) for leading this effort,
    • Antony Alphonse (Infosys) for setting up the simulator and test environment and
    • Ruchi Sahota (Infosys) for building all images required to trial out multiple changes
  • Additionally, Harshada Chaundkar, Arjun E. K., and Sudhir Maurya (all from Infosys) made multiple fixes and improvements to REST APIs in a number of Trellis apps.


  • At the January 29th TST meeting, Adib Rastergarnia (Purdue University) presented his ONOS application that adds ability to export ONOS events (including packet-in events) via gRPC to external applications. The recording can be found here.
  • At the TST meeting held Feb 13 Andrea Campanella from ONF presented ideas and led a brainstorming session for a new initiative around zero touch configuration. The recording can be found here.
  • At the TST meeting held Feb 20 Leonid Khedyk and Oleksandr Yashchuk from PLVision led a discussion to support gNOI in ONOS. The recording can be found here.
  • All ONOS TST recordings can be found on the wiki page.
  • Stefano Secci, leader of the ONOS security and performance brigade, has announced that the next brigade workshop will take place on June 17 afternoon 2 pm - 6 pm and be co-located with TMA 2019 (http://tma.ifip.org/2019/).


  • Antonin Bas from Barefoot Networks and Yi Tseng from ONF have been added as committers to the project. The community thanks both Antonin and Yi for their excellent contributions as developers and code reviewers.
  • Stratum exits pioneer phase on March 12th! A coinciding Stratum Member workshop will be held at Google on March 12th from 10am to 3pm. Community participation will be expanded with additional Stratum members in the next phase as Stratum prepares for an open source release later this year.


  • Open Line System (OLS) Integration is at the final steps. The work will be demoed at OFC thanks to the help of Konrad Mrówka and Rafał Szwedowski from ADVA, Quân Pham Van and Dominique Verchere from Nokia, Arturo Mayoral from Telefonica, Ramon Casellas from CTTC and Andrea Campanella from ONF.
  • Integration is progressing with Edge-Core Cassini white box transponder through the help of Hiroki Okui from NTT, Dileep Kuchhangi from EdgeCore and Srikanth Krishnamohan from IPInfusion. Integration will be demoed at the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Booth at OFC.
  • Boyuan Yan joined the project as an ONF intern and started contributing to STC tests and refactoring driver commonalities.
  • OFC is right around the corner, come and find the ODTN members in the demo zone on Monday the 4th, during the disaggregation or intent based networking workshops or at the demo at TIP booth.


  • The OMEC project was officially announced. The project information can be found on the Open Networking web site. The newly formed Technical Steering Team is lead by Oguz Sunay from ONF with members Christian Maciocco, Intel, Manuel Paul, Deutsche Telekom, Lyle Bertz, Sprint, Somnath Chakrabarti, Intel. Elections will be held soon to add one more community member to the TST.

CORD Platform

  • Data migration support has been added to XOS. Migrations are generated using a tool named xos-migrate, may then be customized by the developer, and finally are checked into an XOS service’s repository. As services are onboarded, the xos core automatically runs the supplied migrations to convert from one version of the data model to another.
  • Numerous code cleanups were completed in XOS to make the codebase more developer-friendly and more maintainable. This includes refactoring the XOS synchronizer framework as a python library, automatically formatting code to PEP8 specifications using autopep8, flake8, and black, and updating several libraries to be compatible with python 3.0.
  • An overview of recent XOS changes, including brief background on the synchronizer framework and workflow, was presented by Matteo Scandolo and Scott Baker during the SEBA call on 2/26/2019.

OTCC (Open Transport Config & Control)

  • OTCC TAPI Sub-Project is readying the next version of TAPI SDK, TAPI 2.1.2, with the main inputs coming from the ONF ODTN project supporting refinements in the photonic media model, and from the MEF supporting refinements in the OAM model based on Ethernet service work, thanks to Karthik Sethuraman (NEC), Andrea Campanella (ONF), Arturo Mayoral (Telefonica) and Andrea Mazzini (Nokia). Work is also proceeding on the addition of an Equipment Model component to TAPI, based on work on the ONF Core Model in the OIMT Project by Nigel Davis (Ciena).
  • OTCC Wireless Transport Sub-Project is completing a white paper report on its 5th Wireless Transport PoC, held in Munich last November with hosting from Telefonica and with links to the ONAP Casablanca PoC organized by AT&T.  The PoC focused on the wireless model in ONF TR-532 although it also featured some testing of the TAPI photonic model and ONF TR-545 on device management profiles. Thanks especially to Thorsten Heinze (Telefonica) and Tracy Van Brakle (AT&T) for their hard work
  • TAPI work will be featured in OFC as part of the ODTN demonstration in the OFC Demo Zone (3/4), as well as disaggregated transport work in TIP (3/5 Exhibit Hall Theater III) and interop work at OIF (3/7 Exhibit Hall Theater II).

OIMT (Open Information Modeling & Tooling)

  • Work on ONF TR-512 v1.4.1 proceeding with target deliverable in end of April 2019.
  • Prune/refactor the Core equipment model to provide the relevant content for the first deployment of TAPI equipment. Further addition from the Core equipment model is expected at a later phase.
  • Work is beginning on TR-512 v1.5 to introduce OAM, enhance the model of “View & Context”,  and introduce the profile model.
  • Work is underway to clarify the application of the Core model for virtual networks.
  • Note that all of the Core model work is fed to OTCC for application in both the TAPI and Wireless Transport works.

Certification Brigade

  • Certification brigade’s work got re-initiated during the summer of 2018 by a few companies (Jabil, UNH-IOL, Flex and ONF) and the work was aligned towards SEBA Reference Design. Goals and processes for the brigade were defined during this incubation phase.
  • A kick off meeting was held on November 15, 2018. Brigade is being led by Jabil and UNH with the support of few ONF engineers. Goals of the brigade and member information can be found here https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/Certification+Brigade
  • Technical meetings are held regularly where members sync up on progress status.  Meeting recordings can be found here https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/Brigade+Meetings
  • Currently, brigade has active contributors working on aggregation switch component certification, detailing certification suite and automating its test cases which are targeted to be done by April 2019.

Currently, brigade group is looking for people to contribute in various activities. Details on the activities can be found here https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/Activities

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