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ONF Community Highlights – March 2020

Apr 2, 2020
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents (alphabetical)

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations


Ambassador Program

  • Recently, ONF Ambassador Laszlo Papp participated in FOSDEM 2020, read about it in his blog post.
  • We are glad to introduce new Ambassadors who recently joined the team:
    • Bui Banh, an experienced and versatile business and technology leader who has worked in the telecommunications, media and technology industries for various organisations, including Telstra, Alcatel-Lucent, and Nokia, across the Asia Pacific region. Bui has expertise in business development, partnership/alliance management, and professional service in high-tech and emerging technologies including Cloud and Virtualization, Advanced Multimedia Systems, mobile and fixed networking, and Business System transformations. His strengths include business diversification and expansion, ecosystem and alliance creation and management, business and organisation transformation, commercial management, managing large teams in a multicultural and multinational environment, and stakeholder management.
    • Fatma Ghandour, a Senior Consultant on end to end network design and transformation to a virtualized, automated and Cloud based infrastructure, for enterprises and service providers. She has 14 years of professional experience in Information and communications technologies, with successful experience in providing consulting and technical recommendations for operators and proven skills on building a trusted relationship with the customers. She also possesses strong project management skills according to PMI standard (PMP certified) solid experience in managing projects with different levels of complexity within small and big operators. Fatma has worked on many SDN/NFV related Projects: building NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and Telco Datacenters, vEPC and vIMS use cases, integrating SDN controllers and network orchestrators, enabling SD-WAN for enterprises, etc. She is passionate about technology, provided technical training sessions and Workshops for Operators technical staff and Managers on emerging technologies including SDN/NFV, NFVI features and optimization, Datacenter Design, Cloud Computing services. Fatma speaks English, French, and Arabic.


  • Setup NG40 for testing OMEC.
  • Sprint contributed their ngic-rtc 1.5 release, the code is uploaded and maintained as an “e-utran-feature “ branch under OMEC/ngic-rtc repo.
  • Sprint contributed a new version of freediameter, this new code is uploaded and maintained as a “swm” branch under OMEC/freediameter.
  • Created a new ignite repo for OMEC testing tool under OMEC project. The code will be contributed from Infosys.
  • We had a webinar for the T-mobile Poland ngic-rtc deployment. <Denise, please insert a link here>
  • Automated license scans were set up for new OMEC repos: Nucleus and Ignite.
  • Setup VMs for automating COMAC-in-a-box and Staging Images Deployment.
  • We have added static UE address support in the MME, SGW, PGW. PGW maintains two pools, one pool dedicated for static address assignment & other pool for dynamic address assignment.
  • We have added support at MME to support EMM Information procedure.
  • We have added support to generate s1App Reset messages. This message helps to clear the stale sessions on the s1ap layer. 

Developer Relations

  • If you are interested in SDN education, training, exams, or certification, and want to participate in developing these with the community, please join the ONF Skills Certification google group.
  • ONF will start enforcing CLAs on all repos within the next couple of weeks. For more information please refer to the ONF CLA Information page, and to sign the CLA go to the ONF CLA Manager.


A huge thanks to PLVision networks, Lumentum and Edgecore. Great work also on the ONF side from Maximilian Pudelko, Yi Tseng, and Brian O’Connor.

  • Bug fixes to the ROADM App for BER Display, thanks to Yi Tseng and Sean Condon at ONF. 
  • ODTN and GNPy bug fixes and improvements demonstrated at OFC in collaboration with Czechlight, TIP, IPInfusion and Edgecore.
  • Definition of TAPI use case for PRoduction with Telefonica, Thanks to Victor Lopez and Andrea Campanella.


  •  Ongoing modeling works:
    • Documents TR-512.13 “Party model” and TR-512.14 “Location model” updated.
    • Agreed on a set of work items for v1.5 of TR-512 and pushed out v1.5+.
    • LifecycleState model is being incorporated into draft v1.5 of TR-512; exploring “pre-planned” state.
    • Logical Termination Point (LTP) port.
    • Ethernet examples for TR-512.A.6 on Packet switch examples.
    • Security in streaming.
    • Update on the TAPI Equipment.
  • Planning for Virtual Meeting during the week of 13th April https://wiki.opennetworking.org/display/OIMT/2020+OIMT+Virtual+Face+to+Face+-+Week+of+April+13.


  • ONOS TST laid out a plan to address duplicated device event issue.
  • Shibu Vijayakumar (Infosys) improved the flow stats collection adding the capability to stop periodic updates.
  • Charles Chan (ONF) extended the API getConnectedHosts of the HostService to match on auxLocations.
  • Pier Luigi Ventre fixed an issue in production for which the link providers can be stuck on getting the cluster metadata and links being removed.


  • Andrea Mazzini (Nokia) has taken over chairing the TAPI weekly calls, work is proceeding towards completion of TAPI 2.1.3.
  • Arturo Mayoral (Telefonica) has provided editorship of the TAPI Reference Implementation Guide document.
  • Martin Skorupski (AT&T) has been leading the 5G xHaul project calls, the group has had some discussion on potential relationship to O-RAN work on Open X-Haul Transport.


  • P4 Community blogs published:
  • In lieu of the in-person P4 Summit event, ONF will host a 2-day virtual P4 Expert Roundtable Series on April 28th-29th. The P4 Roundtable will include:
    • Four live keynotes with live Q&A sessions.
    • Invited panelists participating in recorded plenary sessions on topics related to ‘P4 and Programmable Forwarding’ and ‘P4-Enabled Solutions’.
    • Several recorded track sessions based on accepted talk proposals from the CFP, available to everyone as a series for on-demand consumption.
    • The P4 Roundtable’s webpage will provide consistent updates as announcements are made around the event.


  • VOLTHA FCAPS brigade 
    • Infosys completed voltctl changes necessary to make the dynamic logging system added in the previous month operational. A demo was performed showing the functionality of the new logging system, from CLI to backend.
    • Radisys continued to implement additional alarms.


  • Stratum now supports the Cassini packet optical transponder (as both a transponder and a Trellis fabric switch). This was a significant community collaboration. Thanks to Jeff Catlin, Dileep Kuchhangi (Edgecore), Bohdan Oheruk, Leonid Khedyk, Maksym Kovaliov, Maksym Tropets, Yuliya Musakovska (PLVision), Wataru Ishida (NTT Electronics), Scott Swail (Lumentum), Andrea Campanella, Brian O’Connor, Max Pudelko, and Yi Tseng (ONF) for all of your hard work and contributions!
  • Habeeb Mohammed (Inventec) has added support for SFP28 ports to Stratum’s platform manager and switch configuration.
  • Max Pudelko and Yi Tseng (ONF) put together the first Trellis + ODTN demonstration -- an SDN fabric with native data center fiber interconnect (using the Cassini packet optical transponder).
  • Abhilash Endurthi and You Wang (ONF) integrated TestVectors into the Stratum CI pipeline, and now Stratum is being tested on real hardware as part of nightly system tests.
  • Brian O’Connor, Carmelo Cascone, and Abhilash Endurthi (ONF) presented the Trellis, ODTN, SD-BNG, and TestVectors at the “ONF Open Source Solutions Enable Data Center Interconnect and Broadband Access” webinar.
  • ONF and Google have developed a new SDK wrapper for Broadcom that uses OpenNSA. This opens the door to additional ASIC support in the StrataXGS and StrataDNX families. Thanks, Max (ONF), for driving this effort!


    • Shibu Vijayakumar (Infosys) fixed several bugs in the handling of the dynamic configuration updates.
    • Seyeon Jeong (ONF) resolved inconsistencies between JSON encoders and decoders. Here, there is the summary of the fixes. He started implementing Trellis Troubleshoot Tool (T3) offline mode.
    • Charles Chan (ONF) fixed a bug that was causing filtering objectives being removed when it should not.
    • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) fixed a bug in the OFDPA pipeliners (hw and sw) caused by duplicated DEVICE_ADDED events and he removed thread/memory leaks caused by executor services not being shut down.
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