ONF Open Broadband Meetup Berlin

May 19, 2022 to May 20, 2022 | Berlin, Germany

An in-person meetup about open broadband that featured expert talks, networking, communityONF berlin meetup 300x264 png updates, and more from across the ONF broadband community.

Updates from operators with production deployments and vendors who are part of the open broadband movement. The ONF Open Broadband Meetup Berlin, was hosted by Deutsche Telekom. Slides from speakers are available below.


ONF Update - Timon Sloane, ONF
Access 4.0 & VOLTHA - Fabian Schneider and Manuel Paul, Deutsche Telekom
i14y Lab - Fabian Schneider and Manuel Paul, Deutsche Telekom

Operator Updates

NGCO Vision - Daniel Bernier, Bell Canada
Lighting Up The Digital Services Ecosystem in India - Harsh Bajaj, Reliance Jio
Strategy Towards Open Broadband - Rafael Canto Palancar, Telefonica
VOLTHA-based TIM dOLT - Paolo Pellegrino, TIM

Standards Updates

TIP Update - Andy Furnell, TIP
BBF and BBF-ONF Collaboration Update - Francisco de Carvalho, BBF

Vendor Updates

Radisys Connect Open Broadband - Rajesh Chundury, Radisys
A Programmable OpenBNG - Alexander Jeffries, APS Networks
Zyxel and Community Approach - Petr Doutnac, Zyxel Communications
Altice Labs Update - Andre Brizido, Altice Labs
Paving the Way to Controller-led Automated and Autonomous Software Defined Access Networks (SDAN) - Kurt Pynaert, Nokia
Fiber Access: How Standardization and Orchestration are Driving the Gigabit PON, Hagen Woesner, BISDN
Netsia Broadband Suite Community Update - Mahir Gunyel, Netsia